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Railways of Coquimbo and Valparaiso

Introduction railroads of Atacama

Introduction railroads and Map
Gauges and tracks
Interactive map with specific places
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Cartas PIC
Plans related to the Atacama railways

Schematic map of current and historical routes
Railroad Map  Copiapó (1882)
Railroad map by Reclus (1895)
Railroad lines Copiapó (Espinoza, 1895)
Map railroads Atacama 1903
Map Atacama 1914: Marín
Map 1928: Handbook
Map: 1943 - Guía Veraneante
Map Railroads 1943, Vassallo
Map 1947 - Guía Veraneante

Complete list of all railway lines in Atacama, Chile

Railroads of Atacama: List of lines Railway at Atacama: Estaciones FFCC en Atacama: Carros FFCC en Atacama: Historia Picto ffcc


Historic Railroad Network in the Atacama Region, Chile

Looking at the current reality, it is almost impossible to imagine that in this almost unpopulated desert there was a network of railways of considerable dimensions. Lines were extended for industrial purposes - especially to meet the needs of companies involved in mining. In the early years… more

Railways in Atacama
Railways of Valparaíso and Coquimbo
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Picto FFCC Atacama

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The Atacama Region
Virtual viewpoint Atacama
The Atacama desert
Atacama in black and white
Maps of Atacama
Rutas de Atacama
Pan-American highay at Atacama
Distancias en Atacama
Geology in photos
Animals of the Atacama Desert
Flora del desierto de Atacama
Climate of the Atacama Region
History of Atacama
Mining in Atacama
Railways of Atacama
Aeródromos en Atacama
Cartas históricas de Atacama
Atacama en 3D
Bibliografía / Enlaces Atacama

Content railway Atacama
Intro 1: General information
Intro 2: Trayectos y trochas
Intro 3: Plano esquemático
Intro 4: Plano de la líneas
Listado de todas las líneas
Longitudinal Atacama
Longitudinal Coquimbo
Registros históricos

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Índice de Palabras

Vida Atacama

Journey to Atacama
Atacama sightseeing places
History of Atacama
La Panamericana en Atacama

Timeline Atacama
Mining history of Atacama
The railroad history of Atacama
Flora Atacama
Animals of the Atacama Desert
Geology in photos
Climate of the Atacama Region
The Atacama desert
Virtual viewpoint Atacama
Aeródromos en Atacama

Paginas FFCC
Introducción FFCC de Atacama
Mapa de líneas históricas en Atacama
Mapa con enlaces a sectores
Contenido de los trayectos en detalle
Trayecto longitudinal en Atacama
Línea Copiapó - Caldera
Trayecto Copiapó - Diego /  Puquios
Línea Copiapó / Loros Chañarcillo
Red de Carrizal Alto/Bajo (Región de Atacama)
Huasco - Vallenar
Proyectos trasandinos
Copiapó - Vallenar
Chañaral - Mina Potrerillos y Animas
Trayecto Bombas  - Carrizalillo
listado general de estaciones
Estación Copiapó (Región Atacama)
Estación Caldera (Región de Atacama)
Estación Toledo en Atacama
Estación Inca de Oro (Atacama)
Estación Carrera Pint0 (Atacama)
Est. Diego de Almagro en Atacama
Estación Carrizal Bajo (Atacama)
Estación Juan Godoy (Región de Atacama)
Estación Punta de Díaz
Paul Treutler Viaje a Copiapó
Treutler: Accidente ferroviario 1853
Burmeister: Pabellón - Copiapó
Burmeister: Copiapó - Caldera
Philippi: Viaje Caldera - Copiapó
Bertrand Proyecto Trasandino (1885)
Espinoza: Trasandino Peña Negra
Kunz (1890): Ferrocarril de Copiapó
Kunz, 1890: Proyecto trasandino
Kunz, 1890: Carrizal - Co. Blanco
Plano esquemático de los trayectos
Mapa de Sayago 1882 Ferrocarriles
Red ferroviario según Reclus (1895)
FFCC de Copiapó (Espinoza, 1895)
Carta de Espinoza (1895) Caldera
Listado completo de todas las líneas

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Historia ffcc de Atacama
Historical Records of the Atacama Railroad

Paul Treutler Trip to Copiapo by train
Treutler: Railroad accident in 1853
Burmeister: Pabellón - Copiapó
Burmeister: Copiapó - Caldera
Philippi: Trip Caldera - Copiapó
Tornero and railway of Atacama
Bertrand Proyecto Trasandino (1885)
Espinoza: FFCC Trasandino por Peña Negra
Kunz (1890): Ferrocarril de Copiapó
Kunz, 1890: Proyecto trasandino
Kunz, 1890: Trayecto Carrizal - Co. Blanco
Railway station of Copiapó (Paul Treutler)

Pic Trayectos ffcc
The trails and stations

The routes in detail
List of railway stations
Complete list of all lines in Atacama
Longitudinal railway

Locomotives and wagons

The Copiapo Locomotive
Machines for mining
Convoy en J. Pérez
Train downhill in Montandon
Train near Carrera Pinto (1989)
Train near Algarrobal
Pan-American Crossing Train
Wagons at Diego
Train at Diego station 1985
Wagons at Copiapó (1)  (2)

Trayecto longitudinal

Trayectos de Taltal - Catalina

Pan de Azúcar- Bombas  - Carrizalillo

Chañaral - Mina Potrerillos y Las Animas

Caldera - Mina El Algarrobo
Copiapó - Caldera - Cerro Imán

Copiapó - Los Loros  y Chañarcillo

Carrizal Bajo - Yerbas Buenas - Jarilla

Vallenar - Pedro León Gallo
Huasco, Intro Huasco

Ferrocarriles de Coquimbo y Región Valparaíso

FFCC mina Tofo

La Serena - Ovalle

Los Vilos - Salamanca

Longitudinal La Calera

FFCC en Atacama: Listado general

ferrocarril de Taltal Estación de Altamira ferrocarriles de las salitreras de Taltal Estación de Chañaral Ferrocarril Diego de Almagro Linea ferrea en el desierto de Atacama - Carrizalillo a Las Bombas Línea férrea a Las Animas y Los Pozos en Atacama - Chile Estación ferrocarril de Copiapó, Región de Atacama - Chile Estación ferrocarril de Inca de Oro en la Región de Atacama - Chile Linea ferrea y estación de Carrera Pinto en la Región de Atacama - Chile Ferrocarril de Caldera en la Región de Atacama - Chile Estación de Chañarcillo, Región de Atacama, Chile Carrizal Alto ferrocarril Carrizal Bajo ferrocarril Línea ferrea a Los Loros en la Región de Atacama, Chile Proyecto de ferrocarril a Argentina Estación de Puquios en la Región de Atacama - Chile Línea ferrea a Argentina por Peña Negra en la Región de Atacama Punta Diaz, estación ferrocarril en Atacama - Chile Estación de Yerbas Buenas en la Región de Atacama, Chile Estación de Vallenar, Región de Atacama - Chile Línea férrea a Pedro Leon Gallo en la Región de Atacama - Chile Estación de Domeyko en la Región de Atacama, Chile Estación Incahuasi, en la Región de Atacama Estación Punta Colorada en la Región de Coquimbo Estación de Cachiyuyo en la Región de Atacama, Chile Estación Merceditas en la Región de Atacama, Chile Ramal a la mina Coquimbana, Región de Atacama - Chile Trayecto Mina Algarrobo en Atacama ferrocarril de Huasco ffcc Vallenar a Huasco Plano de las lineas férreas de Atacama

Railroads of Coquimbo and Valparaíso Region

Taltal, Refresco, Ovalo
Catalina, Severin
San Juan

Joaquín Pérez
Pedro Montt

El Salado
Diego de Almagro

Inca de Oro
Carrera Pinto, Juan Godoy, Chulo
Proyectos trasandinos (nunca realizados)

Chañarcillo - Juan Godoy

Carrizal Bajo, Canto del Agua
Carrizal Alto
Punta de Díaz, Yerbas Buenas

Vallenar - Pedro León Gallo

Punta Colorada

Literature about railroads Atacama

A NEW BOOK! - Aviso de interés para los amantes de los trenes:
El Maravilloso Viaje del Longino, de Julio Ortega Ilabaca. - Universidad Católica Silva Henríquez, 2011.
ISBN: 978.956.345.407-9
más informaciones email: longino2011@gmail.com

Tren en la estación de Copiapó

Map of all railroad lines of Atacama

First Chilean locomotive: La Copiapó

Tornamesa en pleno desierto de Atacama, Chile

Ferrocarriles de Atacama

Introduction: The railway history of the Atacama region and Northern Chile .

According to today's standards, it is hardly imaginable how a network of railway lines could have existed in this extremely depopulated desert. In general, this network was quite impressive, but it was mainly industrial railways. Many of the tracks were initially driven with pure horsepower and then converted to steam quite quickly. The British industrial dominance in the years around 1850 led to a solid extension of the first railway lines, with a track gauge of 1435 mm known to us, the common European standard. It must be noted that a profitable mining industry at that time (as it is today) could only be operated with an efficient way of transport. In the years from 1850 to 1930 this only applied to the railway. Horses and carriages could not guarantee a reliable and cost-effective ore transport. The railway lines, which were not connected to each other until the construction of the north-south line around 1914, had a considerable extension.   Unfortunately, a large number of different track gauges were used in the end. Passenger transport was extremely important for the demographic and socio-economic development of the Atacama region, but often not a good business for the railway companies. In addition, the dynamics of the mining industry (changes in prices, depletion of deposits, etc.) caused many expensive routes to soon lead uselessly into "nowhere". Villages were founded and after a few decades they disappeared again. Soon it turned out that many routes were no longer enough to cover the needs of industry and the population. With the construction of asphalted roads and the introduction of some scheduled bus connections or the provision of lorries, a competition was born that could not be denied. Passenger traffic was quickly transferred to the roads, and freight traffic soon followed. The lines were shut down for several years and were finally dismantled. The routes of Chañarcillo, Puquios, Jarilla, to name but a few, disappeared forever.   Today (2016) this tendency continues (unfortunately). Only the routes Mina Colorado - Vallenar - Huasco and Chañaral - Potrerillos are still active. The tracks around Copiapó, Inca de Oro, Paipote etc. still exist, but the last curtain has already fallen. Not only does this mean that an investment worth millions from earlier times will vanish forever - a piece of industrial history will also disappear.  In these pages, this part of the story is to be recalled. Old texts, plans and current views should reflect a little bit this, perhaps most impressive form of industrial influence on nature. The historical travel reports - especially about rail journeys - give the blurred perceptions a current reference.  It should be noted that the Spanish pages are a little bit more extensive than the ones written in English and thus provide much more information.

Wolfgang Griem, 2006

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Literature and Links: more books and papers
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