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Atacama (Chile), Mining Region
Introduction Atacama mining
List of the mining districts of Atacama
List of the mines of Atacama
Historical Mining Descriptions

Gilliss: Apires y barreteros
Work situation of miners
Tornero: The miners
Tornero: Los Apires

pic historia
Introduction, general overview:

Introducing epoch 1830-1920 | Technical innovations
Scientific innovations | Social conscience
Educational impulse, List of historical mining schools | Mine safety | Globalization
Records of the time:
Gilliss: Apires and barreteros | Work conditions of miners
The mineras (Tornero 1872) | Apires y barreteros - Tornero

pic Chañarcillo
The silver mines of Chañarcillo
Current situation
History and geology of the Chañarcillo mines
Timeline of the Chañarcillo y Juan Godoi
Railroad to Chañarcillo
Dolores 1 mine

Pic Lomas Bayas
Silver mines of Lomas Bayas
Ruins of the village

Jarilla / El Bronce
San Bartolo
Ropeway conveyor Bronce mine - Qda. Algarrobal

Pic Labrar
Cobalt mines
Ruins of El Morado
Smelter Higirio (ruins)
Caleta El Cobre

 ● San José - accident
Viña del cerro (Inca smelter)

Mining Museum El Transito nearby Tierra Amarilla

Pic Rio la Sal
Placers of Salado river

Tres Puntas PIC
The silver mines of Tres Puntas
Ruins of the town
Buena Esperanza
Historical descriptions
Letter from a miner from Cornwal

Pic Inca de Oro
The "Inca de Oro" gold district
Las Guías (school)
Rhodesia mine
Text of San Roman (1894)

Copper district of Los Pozos - Manto Verde

Pic Coquimbana
La Negra

Solitary mines
Altamira: Teresa de Colmo
 San Juan de Chañaral Alto
Diego de Almagro: Alaska
Descubridora en Pampa Larga
La Borracha mine
Carmencita mine

Coal of La Ternera
Borax mine in Pedernalesde

Pic Salitreras
Saltpetre o nitrate mines of Taltal

Places of interest
Information Atacama

Atacama Mining history

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Contenido - esquema
Museo Virtual
The Atacama Region
Virtual viewpoint Atacama
The Atacama desert
Atacama in black and white
Maps of Atacama
Rutas de Atacama
La Panamericana en Atacama
Distances inside Atacama
Geología: Museo Virtual
Animales en Atacama
Flora del desierto de Atacama
Climate of the Atacama Region
History of Atacama
Mining in Atacama
Railways of Atacama
Aeródromos en Atacama
Cartas históricas de Atacama
Atacama en 3D
Bibliografía Enlaces Atacama

Distances in km
from Copiapó to 0,0
Chañarcillo 74
Tres Puntas 96
Inca de Oro 102
Lomas Bayas 74
Cerro Blanco 87
more and others      

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Historical Mining Books and figures 

Atacama landscape
The Atacama desert
Flowering Atacama desert
Beaches of Atacama
Las Dunas de Atacama

Railroad history of Atacama
History of Atacama
Mining history of Atacama
Flora Atacama
Fauna Atacama
Geología Atacama
Climate of the Atacama Region
Atacama desert
Beaches of Atacama
The Andes mountains
Rutas de Atacama
Carretera Panamericana
Aeródromos en Atacama

Virtual viewpoint Atacama
Atacama black and white
Road maps of Atacama
La carretera Panamericana
Historia Geociencias

Mining districts of Atacama
Minería entre 1830-1920
Carrizal Alto en Atacama
Cerro Blanco en Atacama
Chañarcillo en Atacama
Tres Puntas de Atacama
Puquios - Carrera Pinto
Carbón de La Ternera (Atacama)
Potrerillos (Región Atacama)
Lomas Bayas (Región Atacama)
Inca de Oro - California
Mina de bórax en Pedernales
Descubridora en Pampa Larga
Jarilla / El Bronce
San Juan de Chañaral Alto
Checo de Cobre (Copiapó, Atacama)
Labrar, Región de Atacama
Cobaltera (Región de Atacama)
Kuroki (Atacama)
Lavaderos del río El Salado
Astillas (Vallenar - Región Atacama)
Coquimbana (Atacama)
La Negra (Región Atacama)

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Pic Carrizal Alto
The copper district of Carrizal Alto
Canto del Agua (Chañarcitos)
Map of Canto del Agua
Domeyko en Carrizal 1840
Text of San Roman
Map of Espinoza 1903

Pic Puquios
Puquios and Carrera Pinto copper mine district
Ruins of village Puquios
Introduction: Mining at Puquios  
Sofía mine (Cu)

Cachiyuyo de Llampos (Cu and others)
Andacollo mine

Pic Potrerillos
First porphyry copper: Potrerillos

Pic Cerro Blanco
The Silver - copper mines of Cerro Blanco
Ruins of the village
 Mines of Cerro Blanco
San Roman (1894)

Cabeza de Vaca mining district
La Manda

Pic 220 Checo Cu
Checo de Cobre district (Cu)
San Jorge

Pic Agua Amarga
Agua Amarga (Vallenar)
Smelter (ruins)
Aris mine

The Atacama Region, located in the north of Chile, has always shown strong mining activity. From the pre-Spanish cultures, during the colonial and global industrialization era, mining is the most important economic activity in this area. The "mining" module of the Virtual Museum wants to present the historical mining environment and of course present these sectors. The pages focus on the years from 1830 to 1920 with the aim of showing the transition from highly artisanal mining to a well-technical operation. Of course there is a module of Chañarcillo and Tres Puntas, but it must be taken into account that these two mythical places are not the only representatives of the mining company from Atacama. Especially copper districts such as Cerro Blanco, Puquios and Checo de Copper marked in a very impressive way a development to a massive, highly technical exploitation during the years mentioned. The pages "Mining between 1830-1920" show some of the technical, social and scientific aspects of the time and look for a connection of world history with the events that took place in Atacama.
Today, the exploitation of non-renewable resources in the Atacama Region has reached extremely high levels. It is mainly copper, iron, gold and silver; in the non-metallic group: limestone, sand and gravel and phosphorite among others. It is worth mentioning that small-scale mining in high grade deposits - usually of a vetiform type - is still maintained. For example, the Golden Inca district of "Inca de Oro" shows a tireless activity during the last decades until today.

Alphabetical listing of mines in the Atacama Region, Chile:

Agua Amarga (Vallenar)
Agua Amarilla de cerro Blanco
Al Fin Hallada de Tres Puntas
Amanda La Manda
Andarivel Mina Bronce
Aris de Agua Amarga
Azufrera de Codocedo

Bartolo, San
Beatriz de Garín
Bocona de Chañarcillo
Bórax en Pedernales
Bronce, El
Bronce, Andarivel Mina
Buena Esperanza de Tres Puntas / Chimberos

Cabeza de Vaca
Caleta El Cobre
California, Inca de Oro
Canto del Agua (Chañarcitos)
Carbón de La Ternera
Carrera Pinto - Puquios
Carrizal Alto
Catalina Sur, Oficina
Cerro Blanco
Chañarcitos - Canto del Agua
Checo de Cobre, San Jorge de
Cirujana (Inca de Oro)
Cobre, Caleta El
Cobriza de Tres Puntas
Colmo mine
Colorada de Chañarcillo
Colorado de Cabeza de Vaca
Condell de Checo de Cobre
Cóndor de Inca de Oro
Coquimbana de Astillas
Coquimbana de Cerro Blanco

Descubridora de Chañarcillo
Descubridora en Pampa Larga
Descubridora de Checo de Cobre
Dolores 1 de Chañarcillo
Dolores 3 de Chañarcillo

El Bronce
El Cobre, Caleta
El Lucero
El Morado

Garin Viejo


Inca de Oro, Distrito


La Baritina
La Borracha
La Cirujana (Inca de Oro)
La Isla, Inca de Oro
La Manda / Amanda
La Negra de Astillas
Las Animas
Las Guías (escuela)
La Ternera, Carbón de
Lomas Bayas
Lucero, El

Manda, La  / Amanda
Manto Wagner (Cabeza de Vaca)
Mollaca de Cerro Blanco
Morado, El

Oficina Catalina Sur
Oficina Severin
Oficina Tricolor

Pedernales, Bórax en
Porvenir de Astillas
Puquios - Carrera Pinto

Quebradita - Escuela (Freirina)
Quebradita (Inca de Oro)

Reconquista de Monroy
Remolinos (Cabeza de Vaca
Rhodesia (Inca de Oro)
Río El Salado

Salitreras cantón Taltal
San Bartolo
San Francisco de Chañarcillo
San Jorge de Checo de Cobre
San José
San Juan, Chañaral Alto
San Pedro de Cachiyuyo
Santa Rosa de Chañarcillo
Sebastopol, Inca de Oro
Severin, Oficina
Sofía de Puquios

Teresa de Colmo
Tres Puntas
Tricolor, Oficina

Venus de Astillas
Victoria, Trapiche (mill) Victoria

Wagner, Manto  (Cabeza de Vaca)

List of mining districts of Atacama
See: Index of places and complete sites

Centros Mineros en Atacama
Map: Some deposits or mining centres in Atacama

Region de Atacama, Chile
Head frame nearby Inca de Oro

Region de Atacama: Mina Esperanza de Tornero en Trespuntas
Tornero, R. (1872): Dolores 1 mine in Chañarcillo, Atacama Region, Chile

Mina Dulcinea en 1913: Foto de Bowman
Isaiah Bowman: From the American Geographical Society Library, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries.(©): The Dulcinea Mine near, Carrera Pinto, Atacama desert, Chile.

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