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Mining in the Atacama Region, Chile

List of historical mines in the Atacama region, Chile

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1 District Chañarcillo (Ag)
Bandurrias (Ag-Fe)
The most important historical mine of Ag in Atacama; inactive; veins and mantos, recovery of stockpile material. (1831 - 1908) Starting
2 District Tres Puntas - Chimberos (Ag) Silver mines, the second most important of the Atacama Region, near the Inca de Oro district. Currently inactive (1848 - 1922) Starting
3 District Lomas Bayas (Ag) Abandoned silver mining district; one of 10 large historic districts of Atacama. Starting
4 District Cerro Blanco (Ag, Cu) One of the great mining districts in Atacama. Several mines, currently in recovery of special metals, abandoned village. Starting
5 District Jarillas, El Bronce (Cu) Mining district 60 km southwest of Vallenar. Several mines, smelter and mills; abandoned with recovery attempts; new projects nearby. El Bronce
San Bartolo Merceditas
6 District Agua Amarga (Ag) An old mining district south of Vallenar. Mainly silver veins, abandoned. Between 1811 and 1843 he had his main activity. Entrada
Mina Aris
7 District El Morado Mining district east of Domeyko village, mines are mostly abandoned. Mines, village and smelter. El Morado
8 District Labrar (Co) Historic mining district 40 kilometers south of Vallenar, mainly copper and cobalt. Labrar
El Cobre
9 District Capote (Au) Gold mine north of Vallenar. Currently inactive, camp in ruins. Capote
10 Astillas Large historic mining district of iron, copper and manganese; large number of well-developed (abandoned) mines. Huge Railway sistems, partly still active.
Related: Mina Colorados (Fe)
La Negra
11 Carrizal Alto Mining district between Vallenar and Copiapó, one of the largest industrial complexes in the region around 1880.
Completely dismantled; activity of small scale mining and use of old stockpiles.
Carrizal Alto
Canto del Agua (Chañarcitos)
12 Checo (de Cobre) Mining district east of Punta de Cobre, major copper producer (silver and lead) - Checo de Plata and Checo de Plomo. Entrada Checo
San Jorge
Minas Condell
13 Pampa Larga Sector south of Checo de Cobre, Cu. Descubridora
14 District El Maray or Cabeza de Vaca Mining district south of El Maray, mainly Cu, with tungsten (scheelite). Ex plant in Maray Entrada
Planta El Maray
15 District Zapallar Mining district north-east of El Maray, gold mining, semi-active. Entrada
La Manda
16 District Jesús María Important mining center west of Copiapó, historical activity until today. Small scale mining (Pirquineros) and middle scale activities. Fortuna
San Francisco
17 District Imán (Fe) Group of iron mines near Copiapó (Chamonate) Bellavista
Co. Imán
18 Amolanas (Cu) Copper mine to the southeast of Lautaro, in the hills towards Cerro Blanco. Amolanas Mine
19 District Punta de Cobre Active mining district with several mines in production, at the side of Tierra Amarilla (Neighborhood: Ojancos y Ladrillos) Punta de Cobre
20 District Ojancos Historical Mining Sector (vetas) with many mines (Cu, Fe, Au) of high production: Related: Candelaria Mine El Transito
21 District Ladrillos Cu Mine (with little Ag) at the exit from Paipote to Chulo. Eliza
22 District Garín Located to the southeast of Copiapó, several historic mines, currently some activity by small scale mines (pirquineros). In the beginning more Ag. Garín Viejo
23 District Cachiyuyo de Llampos (Cu, Mo) Old mines, some working (pirquineros); Au and Cu with special minerals. (molibdenum and tungstene) Starting
Mina La Verde
Rajo de Oro
24 Cachiyuyo de Oro (Au) In the vicinity of Carrera Pinto (belongs to the sector Carrera Pinto - Puquios) mainly Au. Starting
Mina Andacollo
Mina Carmen
25 District Puquios (Cu) Major copper mining district. In conjunction with Carrera Pinto. Activity of small scale mines. Entrada
Pueblo Puquios 
Mina Sofía
26 District Carrera Pinto Mining District related to Puquios; several important works: Dulcinea and many other. Entrada
Carrera Pinto 
Mina Sofía
27 Galleguillos Mine in the sector Llano Morado, vein type - active (copper).  
28 Llano Morado Old mines between Morado and Los Pozos (Manto Verde) La Borracha
Mina Morado
29 District Inca de Oro
San Pedro de Cachiyuyo
Important mining center (Gold, little Cu) with vetiform deposits, generally underground, activity of well developed works and small scale mines.
The Minas de San Pedro, Cachiyuyo (east of Inca de Oro) are copper mines.
Las Guías
La Isla
San Pedro
30 District Chañaral Alto / Mostazal Dispersed old mines, current exploitation by small scale mining companies. San Juan de Chañaral Alto
31 Franja Maricunga (Ag, Au) Group of partially active mines; Ag-Au epithermals
El Hueso: Mina de Ag - Au abandoned, one of the first of the Maricunga belt. Location east of Potrerillos.
El Hueso
La Coipa
32 Potrerillos - El Salvador (Cu) El Salvador, active - large mining. Potrerillos, a copper porphyry of the first hour (1926 - 1959) Potrerillos
33 District Manto Verde (Cu - Fe) Active mining center. Formerly operated by a group of underground mines today open pit (Cu) Mina Kuroki
34 Diego de Almagro (Cu - Fe) Several large works in the vicinity of Diego de Almagro; mainly Cu con Fe and others. Alaska
El Carmen
35 District Las Animas (Cu y Ag) Historic mining district south-east of Chañaral. Generally abandoned with small scale mining activity. Sector Animas
36 District Altamira Historic district in reactivation  (Frankenstein) Frankenstein
Teresa de Colmo
No - metallic in Atacama
1 Canton Taltal (Nitrates) The well-known Taltal saltpeter works. Inactive, completely in ruins. Saltpeter, nitrates
2  Coal of Ternera An attempt at a coal mine; about 1880 Carbón de La Ternera
3 Borates of Pedernales Borax Mine at the side of Salar de Pedernales Bórax en Pedernales
4 Carbonates of Jilguero Limestone mine near Copiapó Jilguero
5 Barite La Puerta La "Baritina" mine between Puquios and La Puerta La Baritina
6 Tungsten of Monroy Tungsten mines in the Monroy mountain range near Carrizo La Reconquista
7 "Marbles" by Obispito Group of carbonate, quartz and feldspar deposits in Quebrada Obispito. Maziso
8 Sulfur of Codocedo Abandoned sulphur mine in the portezuelo Codocedo sector in the proximity of La Coipa. Codocedo
9 Phosphate of Bahía Inglesa The phosphate mine of Bahía Inglesa, near Caldera (BiFox)  
10 Clays from the Copiap river valley Clays were extracted in several places to make bricks and fiscal bricks (sort of short burned brick): especially in Viñita Azul and Monte Amargo - Cardones.  

Mining Districts in Atacama

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Mining districts in the Atacama Region

Miners in the Jesus Maria district of Atacama, Chile
Lifting up the pit cage of a gold mine in the Jesus Maria district in 1989.

Small scale mining in the Atacama desert, Chile
Typical descent or ascent in a vetiform mine, in a small scale mining district.

Discharging the ore, miner in a small scale mine near Copiapó
Discharging the ore, miner in a small scale mine near Copiapó (district Jesus Maria)

Pit frame of the Rhodsia mine, Atacama desert near Inca de Oro
The most beautiful vestiges of mining: The shaft towers - here the wooden pit frame of the Rhodsia mine.

Mining in the Atacama desert
Extracción de mineral en una veta abierta.

Inside at the Checo de Cobre mine near Copiapó, Atacama desert
Inside at the Checo de Cobre mine near Copiapó

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