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Paul Treutler (1852-1857): View at Copiapó

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Dibujo de Paul Treutler de Copiapó - detalle

 Paul Treutler - view at Copiapó

Paul Treutler
Picture: View of Copiapó from the hill behind the present-day part of the town called "Borgoño". You can see the old railway station buildings and the rail facilities of the recently built railway.
The row of trees from right to left corresponds to today's Alameda with the church of San Francisco in the right half of the picture. The downtown area is in a continuous line of railroad tracks.

Paul Treutler (1882):
"From our point of view, the railway running from the railway station deep below us, which ended in Caldera, first passing through fields and gardens, then through the sea of sand, ended up in Caldera, which harbour could be clearly recognized from here (# 1). At the railway station you could see a large number of high heaps of silver, gold and copper ores, where the mine owners and metal buyers had probably built up their defeats. Here there was always a busy life, with trains of muzzles loaded with ores from the steep mountain slopes moving down to this place, on the other hand large rows of wagons with metals arrived and many people were busy loading ores into the railway wagons to send them to Caldera. From the train station there was a beautiful avenue of Italian poplars running from one mountain range to the other across the Alameda valley, a public walk where on Sundays military music played and the inhabitants of Copiapo were looking for refreshment in the shade of the trees.


Paul Treutler: The train station of Copiapo (Atacama)
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Darwin in Copiapó (1835)
I. Domeyko y Copiapó (1840)
Treutler en Copiapó (1853)
Treutler - Copiapó (1853)
Philippi en Copiapó (1853)
Pérez Rosales Copiapó (1859)
Tornero Copiapó (1872)
Hugo Kunz at Copiapó 1890
Enrique Espinoza - Copiapó
Ramírez, Copiapó 1932
Burmeister: Terremoto (1859)

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Copiapó hoy y Ayer
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Paul Treutler
Intro Treutler in Atacama
Paul Treutler in Copiapó
Paul Treutler en Caldera
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Treutler: Accidente ferroviario en 1853
 Treutler en Tres Puntas
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Terremotos  (general)
Terremoto en Tres Puntas, Atacama

Visitantes de Atacama
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R.A. Philippi en Atacama
Paul Treutler about Atacama
Charles Darwin, Atacama (1835)
Ignacio Domeyko y Copiapó
Kunz en Copiapó
Hugo Kunz en Chañarcillo
Gilliss Mineros en Chañarcillo

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: Fünfzehn Jahre in Südamerika an de Ufern des Stillen Ozeans. - 3 Bd., 236 Seiten; Weltpostverlag, Leipzig. (Colección W. Griem)

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