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Paul Treutler (*1822 - † 1887)

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Paul Treutler

15 Jahre in America de Paul Treutler
15 Jahre in Südamerika Amerika, Paul Treutler

 Atacama Literature: Paul Treutler

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Paul Treutler, a German traveller describes life in Atacama, worked in Atacama, descriptions between reality and fiction. Regrettably.

Paul Treutler, born in Waldenburg, Silesia 6.7.1822 - died 1.9.1887 in Neu-Weissenstein, Silesia, a traveller from Silesia, the son of a mining family, arrived in 1852 in Copiapó. He mainly lived in Valparaiso, where he had an office. In Copiapó he performed in "geochemical" analysis of minerals from nearby mines.

Later on he bought some silver mines in the sector Tres Puntas. But none of them worked successfully, Treutler lost his claims and his business went bankrupt. Then he tried to work as a "scientist" or explorer in southern Chile. This project almost ended in disaster.

He remains indebted to his underwriters, cannot meet his obligations and ultimately he has to answer to a court of law for his actions. His departure from the country was a matter of time, he arrived in Peru and Panama to return to Silesia.
His book "15 years in South America" was published in 1882 to the public.

Unfortunately his descriptions are not always authentic, but he uses figures from other books without mentioning the origin. Treutler's descriptions can be characterized from "interesting" (although they are not always Treutler's own observations) to "unbearable" - especially some dramatic chapters with rather distorted observations. These parts of the text will not be published here - because they are far from reality and have no support whatsoever in reality.

In conclusion, Paul Treutler's publication gives us a detailed look at the period between 1852 and 1858 in Copiapó - but it is always necessary to be aware that his descriptions do not always reflect the truth and descriptions must be taken with great caution. Some portraits published by Treutler are copies of other books. It is worth mentioning that at least the portrait of the miner in Tres Puntas and Robinson Crusoe's cave in Juan Fernández are definitely deceptive copies. (In the last example, the person copied by Treutler in the cave is much smaller in comparison to the original of R. Tornero).


Publications by Paul Treutler
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Pictogarma Treutler
Pictogarma Treutler
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Pictogarma Treutler - Mina
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Pictogarma Treutler

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TREUTLER, PAUL (1882): Fünfzehn Jahre in Südamerika an de Ufern des Stillen Ozeans. - 3 Bd., Seite 91/92; Weltpostverlag, Leipzig.

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