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Deriva Continental – general

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Citas en geología y geociencias: Deriva Continental – general

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Deriva Continental – general

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Deriva Continental – general

Anderson, D. L. (1982): Hotspot, polar wander, Mesozoic convection, and the geoid; Nature, 297, p. 391-393.
[Volúmenes de Nature]

Benioff, H. (1954): Orogenesis and Deep Crustal Structure - Adicional Evidence from Seismology. - Bulletin of Geological Society of America; vol. 66, páginas 385-400, 16 figuras.
[GSA Bulletin - índex]

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[Earth and Planetary Science Letters: Índex]

BIRD, R.T. & NAAR, D.F. (1994):  Intratransform origins of mid-ocean ridge microplates.-   Geology Vol. 22 987-990 3 
pacifico deriva continental deriva continental, microplacas, lomo central, ridges
[Geology - index]

Burke, K. & Dewey, J. F. (1973): Plume-generated Triple Junctions: Key Indicators in Applying Plate Tectonics to Old Rocks. - J. Geol. London, 81, 406-433.
[Journal of Geological Society of London - índex]

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[GSA Bulletin - índex]

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[Earth and Planetary Science Letters: Índex]

DALZIEL, I.W. 1995, Die Erde vor Pangäa.-   Spektrum der Wissenschaft  64-71  
general deriva continental deriva continental, pre-pangea

Degens, E. T. & Ross, D. A. (1976): Stratabound Metalliferous Deposits Found in or near Active Rifts. - In Wolf, K. H. (Hrsg.), Handbook of Strata-Bound and Stratiform Ore Deposits, Vol. 4, 165-202, Elsevier, Amsterdam.

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 [Journal of Geophysical Research]

FRISCH, W. & LOESCHKE, J. (1986):  Plattentektonik   Ertraege der Forschung , Wissenschftliche Buchgesellschaft Bd. 236 p.  Darmstadt. 
general deriva continental deriva continental, libro general

FYFE, W.S.(1985): Fluids, tectonics and crustal deformation.   Tectonophysics Bd. 119   Amsterdam. general deriva continental, Fluide Phase
[Tectonophysics - índex]

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G - M

WARREN B. HAMILTON (1988): Plate tectonics and island arcs. - Geological Society of America Bulletin, pages 1503–1527, Volume 100, Number 10.
[GSA Bulletin - índex]

HANDSCHUHMACHER, D.W. (1976): Post-Eocene plate tectonics of the Eastern Pacific.   In: SUTTON,MANGHNANI & MOBERLY (eds.)The geophysics of the Pacific ocean and its margins. American Geophysical Union  p.117-202  Washington D.C.
Pazifik  deriva continental, geofísica cenozoico, Terciary

HAQ, B.U. 0, Paleoceanography: A Synoptic Overview of 200 Million Years of Ocean History   Exxon Production Research Company  p.  Houston, Texas.

W. W. Hay (1996): Tectonics and climate. - Geologische Rundschau (International Journal of Earth Sciences); Vol. 85;  No. 3; pp. 409 - 437 Springer-Verlag.
[Geologische Rundschau / International Journal of Earth Sciences: Listado de volúmenes]

HESS, H.H. (1960): Evolution of ocean basins. - Report to Office of Naval Research. , 38 S.
Publicación icónica - aceptación de la deriva continental como modelo general
[Geological Society of America: Book]

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[AAPG Bulletin - índex]

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JAKES, P. & WHITE, A.J.R.  Composition of Island Arcs and Continental Growth.-   Earth and Planetary Science Letters Vol. 12 224-230  North-Holland Publishing Company.
general geoquímica geoquímica, island arcs, deriva continental, arcos magmáticos
[Earth and Planetary Science Letters: Índex]

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[Volúmenes de Nature]

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[Journal of Geophysical Research]

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general  deriva continental, terremoto, Phasentransformaciónen

MATTE, Ph. & BURG P. (1981):  Sutures thrusts and nappes in the variscian arc of Northern Europe.- Plate tectonic implication   In: Thrust and Nappe Tectonics. Geol. Soc of London, Spec. Publ. No. 9 p.351-358  London.
[Journal of Geological Society of London - índex]

Mc GEARY,S., NUR,A. & BEN-AVRAHAM, Z. (1985):  Spatial Gaps in arc volcanism: The effect of Collision or Subduction o oceanic Plateaus.   Tectonophysics Bd. 119 p.195-211
[Tectonophysics - índex]

M. Meschede (1998): The impossible Galapagos connection: geometric constraints for a near-American origin of the Caribbean plate. - Geologische Rundschau (International Journal of Earth Sciences); Vol. 87;  No. 2; pp. 200 - 205
[Geologische Rundschau / International Journal of Earth Sciences: Listado de volúmenes]

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[Journal of Geophysical Research]

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[Earth and Planetary Science Letters: Índex]

Hacia arriba

NUR, A. & AVRAHAM, Z.B. (1982): Oceanic Plateaus, the fragmention of continents, and mountain building   J. Geoph. Res. Bd. 87 p.3644-61.
[Journal of Geophysical Research]

NUR, A. & BEN-AURAHAM, Z. (1977): Lost Pacifica continent. Nature Bd.270   London
[Volúmenes de Nature]

ONUMA, N & LOPEZ-ESCOBAR,L, (1987):  Possible contribution of the asthenosphere, below the subducted oceanic lithosphere,to the genesis of arc magmas, geochem. evidence from the..   J. Volcanology & Geothermal Res. Bd.33 p.283-298  Amsterdam.
[Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Res. - index]

PARDO-CASAS, F. & MOLNAR P. (1987):  Relativ Motion of the Nazca (Farallon) and South American Plates since  Late Cretaceous Time.-   Tectonics Vol.6/3 p.233-248.
[Tectonics - index]

PILGER, R.H.J. & HANDSCHUHMACHER, D.W. (1981): The fixed hotspot hypothesis and origin of the Easter - Sala y Gomez - Nazca trace.   Geol. Soc. Amer. Bull. I Bd. 92 p.437-466  Boulder
[GSA Bulletin - índex]

Piper, J. D. A. (1974): Proterozoic Crustal Distribution, Mobile Belts and Apparent Polar Movement. - Nature, 251,381-384.
[Volúmenes de Nature]

Piper, J. D. A. (1975): Proterozoic Supercontinent: Time Duration and the Grenville Problem. - Nature, 256,519-520.
[Volúmenes de Nature]

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Roeder, D.H. (1975): Tectonic effects of dip changes in subduction zones. - American Journal of Science; vol. 275 - 3; p.252 - 264.
Relación ángulo subducción - back arc etc.
[American Journal of Science - índex]

ROGERS, J.W. (1996):  A history of continents in the past three billon years.-   The Journal of Geology vol. 104 91-107 9 .
[Journal of Geology - índex]

SCHILLING, J.-G. (1975):  Rare-earth variations across 'normal segments' of the Reykjanes ridge 60°-53°N, midatlantic Ridge, 29°S and east Pacific rise 2°-19°S. and evidence on the composition of the underlying low velocity layer.   Journ. Geoph. Research Bd. 80 p1459-1473.
[Journal of Geophysical Research]

SCOTESE, C.R. & GOLONKA, J. (1992):  Paleogeographic Atlas   Paleomap Project, U. of Texas, Mobil Exploration & Production Services    Arlington.
general, global  deriva continental, paleogeografía

SERBIER, M. & BELLIER, O. (1993):  How is accommodated the parallel-to-the-trench slip component in oblique convergent subduction: The Andean Case.-   Second ISAG (International Symposium en Andean Geodynamics), Oxford  139-142.

Siever, R. (1983): The dynamic Earth.- Scientific American, 249, Nr. 3, p. 46-55.  

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[Geologische Rundschau / International Journal of Earth Sciences: Listado de volúmenes]

TARLING, D.H. (1973):  Metallic ore deposits and continental drift.   Nature Bd.243 p.193-196  London.
general  depósitos minerales, deriva continental
[Volúmenes de Nature]

Alex L. du Toit (1937): Our Wandering Continents; An Hypothesis of Continental Drifting. , pp. xiii + 366, 48 figures. Edinburgh.
[A la prevista: Geological Magazine] - [Geological Magazine - index]

UYEDA, S. (1981): Subducion Zones and Back Arc Basins. - A Review.   Geol. Rundschau Bd.70 (2) p.552-569  Stuttgart.
[Geologische Rundschau / International Journal of Earth Sciences: Listado de volúmenes]

Uyeda, S. and Kanamori, H. (1979):  Back-arc opening and mode of subduction. - Journal of Geophysic Research, vol.84, p.1049-1061.
[Journal of Geophysical Research]

VIDALE, J. (1994):  A snapshot of whole mantle flow.-   Nature 370 16-17 2 
general deriva continental deriva continental, manto, mantle flow
[Volúmenes de Nature]

VOGT, LOWRIE, BRACEY & HEY (1976):  Subduction of aseismic ocean ridges: effects on shape, seismicity and others characteries of consuming plate boundaries.   Geol. Soc. Am. Spec. Papers Bd. 172 p.59 pp. 

VOGT, P.R. (1973):  Subduction and aseismic ridges.   Nature Bd. 241 p.189-191  London .
general  subducción, deriva continental, Ridges
[Volúmenes de Nature]

A. Wegener (2002*) The origins of continents: Geol Rundsch 3:276-292    pp. s4 - s17 . - International Journal of Earth Sciences; Vol. 91;  No. 1 (supplement - Artículos Históricos)
[Geologische Rundschau / International Journal of Earth Sciences: Listado de volúmenes]

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[Earth and Planetary Science Letters: Índex]

Wilson, J. T. (1973):  Mantle plumes and plate motions. - Tectonophysics, 19, p. 149-164 WILSON, M. (1989):  Igneous Petrogenesis - A global tectonic approach. -     466 p.  Allan & Unwin, London.

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[Geologische Rundschau / International Journal of Earth Sciences: Listado de volúmenes]

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[Tectonophysics - índex]

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[Canadian Mineralogist - índex]

Dapeng Zhao (2001): Seismic structure and origin of hotspots and mantle plumes  . - Earth and Planetary Science Letters; Volume 192, Issue 3 Pages 251-265
[Earth and Planetary Science Letters: Índex]

ZONENSHAYN, L., SAVOSTIN, L. & SEDOV, A. (1984):  Global paleogeodynamic reconstructions for the last 160 million year.-  Geotectonics 18N°3: p.181-195

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