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Deriva Continental: Subducción

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Deriva Continental: Subducción

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Deriva Continental: Subducción

AUBOUIN, J. (1989): Some aspects of the tectonics of subduction zone.-   Tectonophysics 160 p.1-21  Amsterdam.
[Tectonophysics - index]
general  subducción, deriva continental

BARAZANGI, M. & ISACKS, B.L. (1976): Spatial distribution of earthquakes and subduction of the Nazca plate beneath South America:   Geology, Vol.4 p.686-692  Boulder.
América de sur, Chile, Pazifik  terremoto, subducción, Nazca, deriva continental
[Geology - index]

BECK, M.E. (1983) On the mechanism of tectonic transport in zones of oblique subduction   Tectonophysics Vol.93 p.1-11 3 Abb. Elsevier science Publ. Ámsterdam.
[Tectonophysics - index]
general  deriva continental, subducción, falla de rumbo, Strike-slip

S. Beck, S. Barrientos, E. Kausel and M. Reyes (1998) Source characteristics of historic earthquakes along the central Chile subduction zone. -Journal of South American Earth Sciences; Volume 11, Issue 2 Pages 115-129
[Journal of South American Earth Sciences - index]

BECKINSALE, R.D. & MITCHELL, A.H.G. (1981) Ore deposits associated with subduction:   in TARLING, D.H. (ed.)(1981): Economic geology and geotectonics. Blackwell scientific pubications, Oxford  p.213  Oxford.
general  Au, oro, depósitos minerales, subducción

BEHRMANN, J.H., LEWIS, S.D., CANDE, S.C. (1994):  Tectonics and geology of the spreading ridge subduction at the Chile Triple Junction: a synthesis of results from Leg 141 of the Ocean Drilling Program.-Geologische Rundschau vol. 83 832-852 10 Springer-Verlag.
[Geologische Rundschau / International Journal of Earth Sciences: Listado de volúmenes]
pacifico, chile, sur deriva continental océano, spreading, triple junction, subducción

Jan H. Behrmann and Achim Kopf (2001): Balance of tectonically accreted and subducted sediment at the Chile Triple Junction . - - International Journal of Earth Sciences; Vol. 90;  No. 4 ; pp. 753 - 768

Benioff, H. (1954): Orogenesis and Deep Crustal Structure - Adicional Evidence from Seismology. - Bulletin of Geological Society of America; vol. 66, páginas 385-400, 16 figuras.
[GSA Bulletin - index]

CARR, M.J., STOIBER, R.E. & DRAKE C.L. (1974): The segmented nature of some continental margins:  In BURK, C.A. & DRAKE C.L. (eds.): The geology of Continental margins.   p.105-114 9 Fig. Springer Verlag, New York.
general deriva continental deriva continental, segmentación, límites de placas, margen continenrtal

Chase, C. G. (1979):  Subduction, the geoid, and lower mantle convection.- Nature, 282, S. 464-468.
[Volúmenes de Nature]

CHOWDHURY, D.K. & WHITEMAN, S.K. (1986): Structure of the Benioff Zone under Southern Peru to Central Chile.   Tectonophysics Bd. 134 p.215-226  Amsterdam
[Tectonophysics - index]
Peru, Chile, Nazca deriva continental deriva continental, subducción, Benioff

COMTE, D., HAESSLER, H., DORBATH, L., PARDO, M., MONFRET, T., PONTOISE, B. HELLO, Y & LAVENU, A. (2000):  Analisis de la zona de Wadari-Benioff en la Región de Copiapó utilizadando redes sismológicas locales terrestres y submarinas.-   IX Congreso Geológico Chileno (Puerto Varas) Vol. 2 413-416 3 Sociedad geológica de Chile.
Chile, Atacama, Copiapó, océano deriva continental geofísica, Benioff,, sismología, deriva continental, océano, subducción

Clinton P. Conrad, Susan Bilek and Carolina Lithgow-Bertelloni (2004): Great earthquakes and slab pull: interaction between seismic coupling and plate–slab coupling  . - Earth and Planetary Science Letters; Volume 218, Issue 1-2, Pages 109-122
[Earth and Planetary Science Letters: Index]

COULBOURN, W.T. (1981): Tectonic of the Nazca plate and the continental margin of western south America 18 S. to 23 S. In: CULM - Nazca Plate.   Geol. Soc. Am. Mem. Bd. 154 p.587-618  Boulder.
Nazca, América de sur, Chile  deriva continental, subducción  

CROSS, T.A. & PILGER jr., R.H. (1982): Controls of subducion geometry, location of magmatic arcs, and tectonics of arc and back-arc regions.   Geol. soc. of Am. Bull. Vol.93 p.545-562 9 Abb., 1 Taf. 
Chile, Andes  deriva continental, subducción angulo

DALZIEL, I.W.D. 1981, Back - arc extension in the Southern Andes: a review and the critical reappraisal.   Philos. Trans. R. Soc. London A 300 p.319-335  London.
Andes-sur  deriva continental, Backarc

DELOUIS, B., CISTERNAS, A., DORBATH, L, RIVERA, L & KAUSEL, E. (1993):  The andean subduction zone between 22ºS and 25º S (Northern Chile): Precise Geometry and State of Stress.-   Second ISAG (Oxford) 9 21-23  .
Chile, Andes, Antofagasta deriva continental Deriva Continenrtal, subducción, Falla Atacama

DEPLUS, C. & DUBOIS, J. 1989, Flexural response of the oceanic lithosphere at an arc-arc junction: Implications for the subduction of aseismic ridges.   Tectonophysics Bd. 160 p.63-73  Amsterdam.
[Tectonophysics - index]
general deriva continental deriva continental, subducción, Ridges, oceánica

DEWEY, J.L. (1980): Episodicity, sequence and style at convergent plate boundaries.  In: STRANGEWAY (Ed.) The continental crust and its Mineral Resources. Geol. Assoc. Can. Spec. Pap. 2 2 p.553-576   general  deriva continental, convergente

Robert M. Ellam and Christopher J. Hawkesworth (1988): Is average continental crust generated at subduction zones? - Geology; Volume 16, Number 4, pages 314–317.
[Geology - index]

W. G. Ernst (1988):  Tectonic history of subduction zones inferred from retrograde blueschist P-T paths. Geology Volume 16, Number 12, pages 1081–1084.
[Geology - index]

FERRARIS, F. (1979):  Antecedentes Geológicos del borde continental del Norte de Chile.-   Segundo Congreso Geológico Chileno (Arica); 1979  A2-A23 19 
Chile, Antofagasta, pacifico regional geología marina, sedimentos marinos, morfología, fosa oceánica

FISCHER, R.L. & RAITT, R.W. (1962): Topography and structure of the Peru - Chile trench.   Deep Sea Res. Bd. 9 p.423-443  .
Peru, Chile  fosa marina, tectónica

FREUND, KOSLOFF, MATTHEWS, (1980):  A Dynamic Model of Subducion Zones. In:DAVIES & RUNCORN (eds) Mechanism en of Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics.   Academic Press, London  p.17 ff  London.
general  deriva continental, subducción

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GONZALES - FERRAN, O., BAKER, P.E. & REX, D.C. (1985): Tectonic - volcanic discontinuity at latitude 27° south Andean Range, associated with Nazca Plate subduction.   Tectonophysics Bd. 112 p.423-441  Amsterdam.
[Tectonophysics - index]
Andes, Nazca, Chile, Atacama deriva continental deriva continental, vulcanismo, volcán, geoquímica, geocronología, K/Ar, discontinuidades  

M. -A. Gutscher, J. -L. Olivet, D. Aslanian, J. -P. Eissen and R. Maury (1999): The ‘‘lost Inca Plateau'': cause of flat subduction beneath Peru?  . - Earth and Planetary Science Letters; Volume 171, Issue 3, Pages 335-341
[Earth and Planetary Science Letters: Index]

HAAK, V. & GIESE, P. (1986) Subducion induced petrological processes as inferred from magnetotelluric, seismological and seismic observations in N Chile und S Bolivia   In: Berliner Geow. Abh. A; Forschungsberichte aus den zentralen Anden A p.231-246 7 Abb.
Chile, Andes, Antofagasta  deriva continental, subducción, Dehidratación

HAMILTON, WARREN B. (1988): Plate tectonics and island arcs Geological Society of America Bulletin 1988 100: 1503-1527
[GSA Bulletin - index]

HAWKESWORTH, C.J. (1982): Isotope characteristics of magmas erupted along destructives plate margins. In THORPE, R.S. (ed.). Andesites. John Wiley & Sons New York, pp 549-571.

HAYES, D. (1974): Continental Margin of Western South America.-  In: BURK, C.A. & DRAKE C. L. (eds.) The Geology of Continental Margins.   p.581-590 6 Abb. Springer Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg.
Chile, andes, Amerika  deriva continental, margen continental, Ridge, mapa marino

HESS, H.H. (1960): Evolution of ocean basins. - Report to Office of Naval Research. , 38 S.

HILDE, T.W.C. (1983): Sediment subduction versus accretion around the Pacific.   Tectonophysics Bd. 99 p.381-397  Amsterdam.
[Tectonophysics - index]
Pazific, América de sur  deriva continental, accretion, Subduction

HSUI, A.T. & MARSH, B. & TOKOEZ, M.N. (1983):  On melting of subduced oceanic crust: Effecs of subduction induced mantle flow.   Tectonophysics Bd. 99 p.207-220  Amsterdam.
[Tectonophysics - index]
general  deriva continental, subducción, Mantel, corteza oceánica

ISACKS & BARAZANGI, (1977): Geometry of Benioff zones; Lateral segmention and downwards bending of the subduced lithosphere.  In: Island arcs, deep sea trenches. TALWANI Americ. Geophysics Union, Maurice Ewing Series Bd. 1 p.99-114  Washington D.C.
general  deriva continental, Benioff, segmentación, subducción

ISACKS, JORDAN, ALLMENDINGER & RAMOS, (1982):  La segmentación tectonica de los Andes Centrales y su relacion cun la geometrica de la plaza de Nazca subductada.   Quinto concreso latinoamericano de geologica Bd.3 p.587-606  Buenos Aires.
Andes centrales, Nazca  deriva continental, subducción, Nazca

Hikaru Iwamori (1998): Transportation of H2O and melting in subduction zones  . - Earth and Planetary Science Letters; Volume 160, Issue 1-2, Pages 65-80
[Earth and Planetary Science Letters: Index]

Hikaru Iwamori (2000): Deep subduction of H2O and deflection of volcanic chain towards backarc near triple junction due to lower temperature  . - Earth and Planetary Science Letters; Volume 181, Issue 1-2,  Pages 41-46
[Earth and Planetary Science Letters: Index]

JAMES, D.E. (1981): Role of subduced continental material in the genesis of calc-alkalinic volcanics of the central Andes.  In:Nazca Plate...KULM, DYMOND, DASH .. Geol. Soc Am. Mem Bd. 154 p.769-790 .
Nazca, Andes centrales  deriva continental, subducción, kalkalkali vulcanismo, volcán, Nazca

JENSEN, O. et al. (1984):  Andean tectonics related to geometry of subduced Nazca Plate.   Geol. Soc. Am. Bull. Bd. 97 (7) p.877-880  Boulder .
Andes, Nazca  deriva continental, subducción, Nazca

JORDAN, T., ISACKS,B., ALLMENDINGER,R., BREWER,J., RAMOS & ANDO, C. (1983): Andean tectonics related to geometry of subduced Nazca plate.   Geol. Study of American Bulletin Bd. 94 p.341-361 11 Abb.
Andes, Nazca deriva continental subducción, Nazca, deriva continental, tectónica, segmentación

JORDAN, T.E., ISACKS, B.L., RAMOS, V.A. & ALLMENDINGER, R.W. (1983):  Mountain building in the Central Andes.   Episodes 1983 (2) p.20-26 10 Abb. Ottawa. Andes centrales, Chile, Atacama, 3.Region, 2.Region 
orogénesis, deriva continental, segmentación, ángulo de  subducción

JORDAN, T. RAMOS, V.A. ALLMENDINGER & ISACKS, B. (1984): Andean tectonics related to geometry of subduced Nazca plat, Discusion and reply.-   Geol. Soc. Am. Bull. Bd. 95 (7) p.877-880  Boulder.
[GSA Bulletin - index]
Andes, Nazca, deriva continental deriva continental, subducción, Nazca, tectónica

Kay, S.M., Maksaev, V., Moscoso, R., Mpodozis, C, Nasi, C, y Gordillo, C.E. (1988):  Tertiary Andean magmatism in Chile and Argentina between 28° and 33°S: correlation of magmatic chemistry with a changing Benioff zone: Journal of South American Earth Sciences, v. 1, p. 21-38
[Journal of South American Earth Sciences - index]

KAY, S.M. (1991):  Miocene 'Flat-slab' volcanic rocks as Guides to lithospheric processes  in the central Andes.-   Congreso Geologico Chileno 1991 p.579-583  Santiago.
Atacama, Chile-norte deriva continental rocas volcánicas, geoquímica, deriva continental

KAY, S.M., MPODOZIS,C., RAMOS,U.A. & MUNIZAGA, F. 0,: Magma source variations for Mid-Tertiary magmatic rock associated with  a shallowing subduction zone and a thickening crust in the Central Andes (28-33 S).- ---IN PRESS Geological Society of America, Spec Paper.
[GSA Bulletin - index]
Chile-norte, Atacama  geoquímica, rocas volcánicas,magmáticas, deriva continental, subducción - angulo terciario, cenozoico

KAY, S.M. et al. (1987): Probing the evolving Andean lithosphere midlate Tertiary magmatism in Chile (29 - 30 30' S) over the modern zone of subduction.   J. Geophysical Research Bd. 92 (7) p.6173-89  Washington.
[Journal of Geophysical Research]
Chile  deriva continental, subducción, magmatismo

KELLEHER, J. & McCANN, W. (1976):  Buoyant Zones, Great Earthquakes, and Unstable Boundaries of Subduction.   Journal of Geophysical Research Vol.81/26 p4885-4896 9 Abb.
[Journal of Geophysical Research]
Pazifik, Nazca, general  deriva continental, segmentación, terremoto ,subducción ángulo

KONO, M., TAKAHASHI, Y. & FUKAO, Y. (1985):  Earthquakes in the Subducing slab beneath northern Chile: A double seismic zone?   Tectonophysics 112 p.211-225  Amsterdam.
[Tectonophysics - index]
Nazca, Chile, Andes  geofísica, terremoto, subducción

KOSTOGLODOV, V. (1993):  Chilean Subduction system: Structure, tecronics, and  related Seismicity.-   Second ISAG 9 21-23  
Chile deriva continental deriva continental, chile, subducción

LOWRIE, A. & HEY, R. (1981):  Geological and geophysical variations along the western margin of Chile near lat. 33-36S, and their relation to Nazca plate subduction.-   Geological Society of America Memoir Vol.154 p.741-754   . Andes, Chile, 33-36 S.,
Nazca, Chile-central  deriva continental, geofísica, Plattengrenze, subducción, Nazca

Mc GEARY,S., NUR,A. & BEN-AVRAHAM, Z. (1985):  Spatial Gaps in arc volcanism: The effect of Collision or Subduction o oceanic Plateaus.   Tectonophysics Bd. 119 p.195-211  Amsterdam.
[Tectonophysics - index]
Chile, general deriva continental deriva continental, subducción, Plateaus, Ridges, Arc vulcanismo, volcán

MITCHELL, A.H.G. (1973):  Metallogenic belts and angle of dip of Benioff zones.-   Nature, Phys. Sci. Bd. 245 p.49-52  London
[Volúmenes de Nature]
general  depósitos minerales, Benioff, angulo de subducción

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NOBLE,D.C. & Mc KEE, E.H. (1977):  Comment on Spatial distribution of earthquakes and subduction of the Nazca plate beneath South America.-   Geology Vol. 5 p.576-578  Boulder .
[Geology - index]
Andes, América de sur, Nazca,  deriva continental, terremotos

NUR, A & BEN-AVRAHAM, Z. (1981):  Volcanic gaps and the consumption of aseismic ridges in South America.  In: KULM & DIAMOND & DASH et al. Nazca Plate: Crustal Formation ... Geol. Soc. Am. Mem. Bd.154 p.729-740  Boulder.
[GSA Bulletin - index]
América de sur, Nazca, Andes  deriva continental, Ridges

NUR, A. & AVRAHAM, Z.B. (1982): Oceanic Plateaus, the fragmention of continents, and mountain building   J. Geoph. Res. Bd. 87 p.3644-61.
general  deriva continental, Ozeanplatte, Plateaus, Kontinentalplatte

ONUMA, N & LOPEZ-ESCOBAR,L, (1987):  Possible contribution of the asthenosphere, below the subducted oceanic lithosphere,to the genesis of arc magmas, geochem. evidence from the..   J. Volcanology & Geothermal Res. Bd.33 p.283-298  Amsterdam .
Andes  deriva continental, subducción, Ozeanplatte, cuenca, magmatísmo

PALACIOS, C.M. & OYARZUN, R.M. (1975):  Relationship between depth of Benioff Zone and K und Sr concentrations in volcanic rocks of Chile.   Geology  p.595-596  Boulder.
[Geology - index]
Chile, Andes  deriva continental, Benioff, K, Sr, rocas volcánicas

M. Pardo, D. Comte and T. Monfret (2002) Seismotectonic and stress distribution in the central Chile subduction zone. - Journal of South American Earth Sciences; Volume 15, Issue 1.;  Pages 11-22
[Journal of South American Earth Sciences - index]

PEARCE, J.A. & PARKINSON, I.J. & PEATE, D.W. (1994):  Geochemical evidence for magma generation above subduction zones.-   Mineralogial Magazin; Goldschmidt conference 58 A (L-Z) 701-102  Minerogical Soc. (London).
general geoquímica geoquímica, deriva continental, magma

PILGER, R.H.Jr. (1981):  Plate reconstruction, aseismic ridges and low angle subduction beneath the Andes.   Geol. Soc. Am. Bull. Part I Bd.92 p.448-456  Boulder.
[GSA Bulletin - index]
Andes, América de sur, Nazca  deriva continental, subducción, ridges, subducciónsangulo

PILGER, R.H. jr. (1984):  Cenozoic plate kinematics, subduction and magmatism, South American Andes.   J. geol. Soc. London Bd.141 p.793-802 9 Abb., 3 Taf. London.
Journal of Geological Society of London - index
América de sur, Andes, Nazca deriva continental deriva continental, subducción, movimiento de placas cenozoico

David K. Rea and Larry J. Ruff (1996): Composition and mass flux of sediment entering the world's subduction zones: Implications for global sediment budgets, great earthquakes, and volcanism  . - Earth and Planetary Science Letters; Volume 140, Issue 1-4,  Pages 1-12
[Earth and Planetary Science Letters: Index]

REYNOLDS, JAMES H., JORDAN, TERESA E., JOHNSON, NOYE M., DAMANTI, JOHN F., TABBUTT, KENNETH D.(1990): Neogene deformation of the flat-subduction segment of the Argentine-Chilean Andes: Magnetostratigraphic constraints from Las Juntas, La Rioja province, Argentina Geological Society of America Bulletin 1990 102: 1607-1622
[GSA Bulletin - index]

Roeder, D.H. (1975): Tectonic effects of dip changes in subduction zones. - American Journal of Science; vol. 275 - 3; p.252 - 264.
Relación ángulo subducción - back arc etc.
[American Journal of Science - índex]

SACKS, , I.S. (1983):  The subduction of young lithosphere.   J. Geophys. Res. Bd. 88 p.3355-66  Washington.
general  deriva continental, subducción

SCHOLL, D.,CHRISTENSEN,M.,VAN HUENE,R & MARLOW, M. (1970):  Peru-Chile Trench sediments and sea-floor spreading.-   Geological Society of America Bull. Vol. 81 p.1339-60 .
[GSA Bulletin - index]
Nazca, Peru, Chile, Andes, Pazifik  deriva continental, Trench, fosa marina, Sea floor spreading

SERBIER, M. & BELLIER, O. (1993):  How is accommodated the parallel-to-the-trench slip component in oblique convergent subduction: The Andean Case.-   Second ISAG (International Symposium en Andean Geodynamics), Oxford  139-142 . 
Anden deriva continental deriva continental, tectónica, suducción oblique

M. Solomon (1990): Subduction, arc reversal, and the origin of porphyry copper-gold deposits in island arcs.-  Geology Volume 18, Number 7, pages 630–633.
[Geology - index]

STAUDER, W. (1973): Mechanismen of spatial distribution of Chilean earthquakes with relation to subduction of the oceanic plate.   J. of Geoph. Res. v. 78 p. 5055  Washigton.
Chile  deriva continental, terremoto, subducción

STERN, C.R. & MPODOZIS, C. (1991):  Geologic evidence for subducion erosion along the west coast of central and northern Chile.   6. Congreso Geologico Chileno, Resumes Expandidos  p.205-207 1 Abb. Santiago de Chile
Andes, Chile  subducción accretion, deriva continental off-scraping paleozoico

STERN, CH. R. (1991):  Role of Subduction erosion in the generation of Andean magmas.   Geology Vol. 19 p.78-81 3 Figs. 
[Geology - index]

STERN, C.R., MUÑOZ, J., TRONCOSO, R., DUHART, P., CRIGOLA, P. & FARMER, G.L. (2000):  Tectonic setting of the mid-terciary coastal magmatic belt in south central chile: An extensional event related to late oligocene changes in plate convergence rate and subduction geometry.-   IX Congreso Geológico Chileno (Puerto Varas) Vol. 2 693-696 1 Sociedad geológica de Chile. 
Chile general deriva continental deriva continental subducción, geometria de subducción terciario

STRUNK, S. (1985):  Auswertung gravimentrischer Messungen und deren 3D Interpretation im Bereich der andinen Subduktionszone Nordchiles.   Dipl. Arbeit an der TU Clausthal  p.  
Chile-norte  geofísica, Gravimetrie, PLattentektonik

Yoshihiko Tamura, Yoshiyuki Tatsumi, Dapeng Zhao, Yukari Kido and Hiroshi Shukuno (2002): Hot fingers in the mantle wedge: new insights into magma genesis in subduction zones  . - Earth and Planetary Science Letters; Volume 197, Issue 1-2,  Pages 105-116
[Earth and Planetary Science Letters: Index]

WILSON, TERRY J. Transition from back-arc to foreland basin development in the southernmost Andes: Stratigraphic record from the Ultima Esperanza District, Chile. Geological Society of America Bulletin 1991 103: 98-111
[GSA Bulletin - index]

TICHELAAR, BART, W. & RUFF, LARRY G. (1991):  Seismic coupling along the chilean subduction zone.   Journal of geophysical Research vol. 96 11997-12022 14  . chile geofísica geofísica, deriva continental, subducción

UYEDA, S. (1981): Subducion Zones and Back Arc Basins. - A Review.   Geol. Rundschau Bd.70 (2) p.552-569  Stuttgart. general  deriva continental, subducción, Backarc Uyeda, S. and Kanamori, H. (1979):  Back-arc opening and mode of subduction. - Journal of Geophysic Research, vol.84, p.1049-1061.
[Geologische Rundschau / International Journal of Earth Sciences: Listado de volúmenes]

VISSER, J.N.J. & PRAEKELT, H.E. (1996):  Subducción, mega-shear systems and Late Paleozoic basin development in the African segment of Gondwana.-   Geologische Rundschau Vol. 85 632-646 9 Springer-Verlag.
[Geologische Rundschau / International Journal of Earth Sciences: Listado de volúmenes]
África, general deriva continental deriva continental, subducción, Gondwana, tectónica, fallas, paleocoico

VOGT, LOWRIE, BRACEY & HEY (1976):  Subduction of aseismic ocean ridges: effects on shape, seismicity and others characteries of consuming plate boundaries.   Geol. Soc. Am. Spec. Papers Bd. 172 p.59 pp.
[GSA Bulletin - index]
general  deriva continental, subducción, ridges, Plattengrenze  

VOGT, P.R. (1973):  Subduction and aseismic ridges.   Nature Bd. 241 p.189-191  London .
[Volúmenes de Nature]
general  subducción, deriva continental, Ridges

WEGENER, A. (1920 / 1983): El origen de los continentes y océanos.- 230 pág., Editora Pirámide (Madrid).

WORTEL, M.J.R. (1984): Spatial an temporal variations in the Andean subduction zone.   Journ. of Geol. Soc. London Bd.141 p.783-791  London
[Journal of Geological Society of London - index]
Andes , subducción, segmentos

YOKOKURA, T. (1981):  On subduction dip angles.   Tectonophysics Bd. 77 p.66-77  Amsterdam. subducción  
[Tectonophysics - index]

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