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ANDERSON, E.M. (1951): The dynamics of faulting and dike formation.-   2nd. edition, Oliver & Boyd  p.206  London.
general  dique, tectónica

ANDERSON, E.M. (1936): The dynamics of formation of cone sheets, ring dykes,and cauldron subsidences.-   Proc. R. Soc. Edinburg Bd. 56 p.128-157  Edinburg
general  Ringgang, Cone sheets, génesis

BAER, G. & BEYTH, M. (1990): A Mechanism of dyke segmentation in fractured host rock.-   In PARKER, A .J., RICKWOOD & TUCKER, D. H., (Eds.) Mafic Dykes and Emplacement Mechanisms.-   p.3-12  Balkema, Rótterdam.
general  dique,diaclasas, Fracturamiento

BAER, G. & RECHES Z. (1987): Flow patterns of magma in dikes, Maktesh Ramon, Israel.-   Geology Bd. 15 p.569-572 
Israel  dique, Magma, textura fluidal
[Geology - index]

Don R. Baker (1998): Granitic melt viscosity and dike formation  . -Journal of Structural Geology, Volume 20, Issues 9-10 Elsevier; Pages 1395-1404
[Journal of Structural Geology - índex]

BALMACEDA, A.N. (1990): Relaciones estructurales entre los emplazamient. pegamatiticos-Apliticos y los lineamentos de la sierra de San Luis, S.Luis, Argentinia   Décimo primer Congr. Geol. Argentino II p.379-382.
Argentinien, Andes, San Luis diques dique, aplitas, Pegmatite, tectónica

Paul D. Bons , Elena Druguet , Ilka Hamann , Jordi Carreras and Cees W. Passchier (2004): Apparent boudinage in dykes  . -Journal of Structural Geology, Volume 26, Issues 4, Elsevier;  Pages 625-636
[Journal of Structural Geology - índex]

Coleman, Drew S., Carl, Brian S., Glazner, Allen F., Bartley, John M. Cretaceous dikes within the Jurassic Independence dike swarm in eastern California Geological Society of America Bulletin 2000 112: 504-511

CONDIE, K.C., BARSKY, C.K. & MUELLER, P.A. (1969): Geochemistry of Precambrian diabase dikes from Wyoming.-   Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta Bd. 33 p.267-278. Wyoming, USA  geoquímica, dique Precambian

CONDIE, K.C., BOBROW, D.J. & CARD, K.D. (1987): Geochemistry of Precambrian mafic dykes from the Southern Superior Province of the  Canadian Shield.   In: Mafic dyke swarms (HALLS, H.C & FAHRIG eds.).- Geological Association of Canada; Special Paper Bd. 34 p. 95-108. Ontario  
dique, génesis, petrografía, geoquimica, Fraktionierung

Jean M. Crespi and Chan Yu-Chang (1996): Vein reactivation and complex vein intersection geometries in the Taconic Slate Belt  . -Journal of Structural Geology, Volume 18, Issues 7 Elsevier; Pages 933-939
[Journal of Structural Geology - índex]

CURRIE, K.L. & FERGUSON, J. (1970): The mechanism of intrusion of lamprophyre dikes indicated by 'offsetting' of dikes.-   Tectonophysics Bd. 9 p.525-535 3 Abb. Ámsterdam.
general diques dique,lamprophyre,offsetting, génesis
[Tectonophysics - índex]

DAWES, RALPH L., EVANS, BERNARD W. Mineralogy and geothermobarometry of magmatic epidote-bearing dikes, Front Range, Colorado Geological Society of America Bulletin 1991 103: 1017-1031

Delaney, Paul T., Gartner, Anne E. (1997): Physical processes of shallow mafic dike emplacement near the San Rafael Swell, Utah Geological Society of America Bulletin 1997 109: 1177-1192

DELANEY, P.T. (1987): Heat transfer during emplacement and cooling of mafic Dykes.-  In: Mafic dyke swarms (HALLS, H.C & FAHRIG, W.F eds.).- Geological Association of Canada, Special Paper Bd. 34 p.31-46  Ontario .
dique, génesis, emplazamiento, enfriamiento

DELANEY, P.T., POLLARD, D.D., ZIONY, J.I. & McKEE, E.H. (1986): Field relations between dikes and joints: emplacement processes and paleostress analysis.-   Journal of Geophysical Research Bd. 91 p.4920 ff  
general  dique ,diaclasa, tectónica general
[Journal of Geophysical Research]

DePAOLO, D.J. (1981): Trace element and isotopic effects of combined wallrock assimilation and fractional crystallization.   Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Bd. 53 p.189-202  Amsterdam.
general  dique, Wallrock, isótopos
 [Earth and Planetary Science Letters: Índex]

J. Dostal and J. V. Owen (1998): Cretaceous alkaline lamprophyres from northeastern Czech Republic: geochemistry and petrogenesis.  - Geologische Rundschau (International Journal of Earth Sciences); Vol. 87;  No. 1; pp. 67 - 77
[Geologische Rundschau / International Journal of Earth Sciences: Listado de volúmenes]

DRURY, S.A. 1972, The Chemistry of some granitic veins from the Lewisian of Coll and Tiree Agylshire, Scottland.   Chem. Geology Bd. 9 p.175-193  
Schottland, Europa, England diques geoquímica, dique, granito, Mobilisation, Pegmatite
Chemical Geology: [Chemical Geology - índex]

Steven H. Emerman and Randall Marrett (1990): Why dikes?. - Geology, Volume 18, Number 3 , pages 231–233.
[Geology - index]

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GIBSON, I.L, SINHA, M.N. & FAHRIG, W.F. (1987): The geochemistry of the Mackenzie dyke swarm, Canada.  In: Mafic dyke swarms (HALLS, H.C & FAHRIG eds.).- Geological Association of Canada Bd. 34 p.109-122 
Ontario   dique, génesis, petrografía, geoquímica, dique perfil  

V. A. V. Girardi, M. Mazzucchelli, M. Molesini, L. Civetta, R. Petrini, J. Bossi, N. Campal, W. Teixeira and C. T. Correia (1996): Petrology and geochemistry of the mafic dyke swarm of the Treinta Y Tres region, Northeast Uruguay . -Journal of South American Earth Sciences; Volume 9, Issue 3-4, Pages 243-249
Uruguay diques diques, geoquímica, Petrología
[Journal of South American Earth Sciences - índex]

GRIEM, W. (1994): Strukturgeologisch-petrographische und geochemische Untersuchungen an Ganggesteinen und deren magmatischen Äquivalenten im Andensegment bei 27º suedlicher Breite (Region Atacama, Nordchile).   Muenstersche Forschungen zur Geol. und Pal. Heft 75 139 p. 64 Abb., 4 Phototaf. Muenster.
Chile, Andes, Atacama, Inca de Oro, Potrerillos, Qda. Larga, C.Bravo regional tectónica, geoquímica, petrografía, dique, magmáticas

GRIEM, W. & THIEDIG, F. 1992, Petrographisch-Geochemische Untersuchungen an Ganggesteinen der suedlichen Zentralanden 27º S.Breite/Chile.-  13. Geow. Lateinamerika Kolloquium, Tagungsband. Geologisch-Palaeont.ologisches Institut und Museum, Muenster    Muenster .
Andes, Chile, Atacama, Inca de Oro, Potrerillos  petrografía, geoquímica, dique, clasificación

GRIEM, W., SYLVESTER, H. & THIEDIG, F. 1992, Ganggefolge von mesozoisch-kaenozoischen Intrusionen als Indikatoren tektonischer Bewegungen in den suedlichen Zentralanden 27 S.Breite/Chile,-   13. Geow. Lateinamerika Kolloquium, Tagungsband. Geologisch-Palaeont.ologisches Institut und Museum, Muenster   
Chile, Atacama, Andes, Inca de Oro, Potrerillos,  dique, tectónica

GRIEM, W. (2001): Petrografía y Geoquímica  de Diques en el Sector  Inca de Oro – Potrerillos, Región Atacama. - Revista de la Facultad de la Ingeniería No 14, pág. 7-12; Copiapó.

GUDMONDSSON, A. (1983): Form and dimension of dykes in eastern Iceland.-   Tectonophysics Bd. 95 p.295-307  
Island  dique, dimensiones, formas
[Tectonophysics - índex]

HALLS, H.C. & FAHRIG, W.F. (Eds.) 1988, Mafic Dyke Swarms.   Geol. Assoziation of Canada Publ. Dep. of Earth Sci.  503p.  Memorial Univers. of Newfoundland general  dique, petrografía, geoquímica, petrografía

Simon Hanmer, Flemming Mengel, James Connelly, Jeroen Van Gool (1997): Significance of crustal-scale shear zones and synkinematic mafic dykes in the Nagssugtoqidian orogen, SW Greenland: a re-examination  . -Journal of Structural Geology, Volume 19, Issues 1 Elsevier; Pages 59-75
[Journal of Structural Geology - índex]

HEIDRICK, T.L. & TITLEY, S.R , 1982, Fracture and Dyke patterns in Laramide plutons and their structural an tectonic implications. In: Advances in geol.of the porph. copper depos.   The University of Arizona Press  p.73-91  Tuscon.
general  dique, Porphyry  Copper, depósitos minerales, rocas intrusitas

HOEK, J.D. 1991, A classification of dyke-fracture geometry with examples from Precambrian dyke swarms in the Vestfold Hills, Antarctica.-   Geologische Rundschau Bd. 80/2 p.233-248 14 fig. Stuttgart.
Antarktis, Vestfold, general diques dique, clasificación, Bruch, intersecciones, edades relativos precámbrico
[Geologische Rundschau / International Journal of Earth Sciences: Listado de volúmenes]

HOPKINS, H.R. (1956):  A diabase dike near Afton (abstr.).-   Va. J. Sci. No. 7 p.328   EEUU.  Dique

HOTTEN, R. (1993):  Die mafischen Gaenge der Shackleton Range/Antarktika: Petrographie, Geochemie, Isotopengeochemie und Palaeomagnetik.-   Berichte zur Polarforschung Bd. 118 225p. 72 Abb.,20Tab.3Anh. Bremerhaven.
Antarktis, Shackleton Range diques dique,geoquímica,petrografía,isótopos,rocas volcánicas, isótopos

HYNDMAN, D.W. & FOSTER, D.A. (1988): The role of tonalites and mafic dikes in the generation of the Idaho batholith.   Journal of Geology Vol.96 p.31-46   Idaho  Tonalite, magmáticas, dique

R. J. H. Jolly, J. W. Cosgrove and D. N. Dewhurst (1998): Thickness and spatial distributions of clastic dykes, northwest Sacramento Valley, California  . -Journal of Structural Geology, Volume 20, Issues 12 Elsevier; Pages 1663-1672
[Journal of Structural Geology - índex]

R. J. H. Jolly and D. J. Sanderson (1995): Variation in the form and distribution of dykes in the Mull swarm, Scotland  . -Journal of Structural Geology, Volume 17, Issues 11 Elsevier; Pages 1543-1557
[Journal of Structural Geology - índex]

JUSTUS, P.S. (1966): Modal and textural zonation  of diabase dikes, Deep River Basin, North  Carolina.-   M. S. Thesis University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.     USA, North Carolina  dique, Diabase S. A. Kattenhorn and M. K. Watkeys (1995): Blunt-ended dyke segments  . -Journal of Structural Geology, Volume 17, Issues 11 Elsevier; Pages 1535-1542
[Journal of Structural Geology - índex]

KOLLER, F., GRATZER, R. & NIEDERMAYR, G. (1987): Die Ganggesteine in den Dioriten des noerdlichen Waldviertels.   Annalen des Naturh. Museums in Wien  p.1-21 36 Abb., 24 Tab. Wien . Austría, Waldviertel  dique, Diorite, petrografía KOMAR, P.D. (1976):  Phenocryst interactions and velocity profile of magma flowing through dykes or sills.-   Bull. Geol. Soc. Am. Bd. 87 p.1336-42  Boulder.
general  dique, Sills, petrografía, magmatísmo Diques
[GSA Bulletin - índex]

KOMAR, P.D. (1972): Flow differentiation in igneous dikes and sills: Profiles of velocity and phenocryst concentration.-   Bull. Geol. Soc. Am. Bd. 83 p.3443-48  Boulder
general  dique, Differentiation, petrografía
[GSA Bulletin - índex]

KOMAR, P.D. (1972):  Mechanical interactions of phenocrysts and flow differentation of Igneous dikes and sills.-   Bull. geol. Soc Amer. Bd. 83 p.973-988 8 Abb. Boulder.
general diques dique, petrografía, Mechanik, génesis
[GSA Bulletin - índex]

B. Lafrance and B. E. John (2001): Sheeting and dyking emplacement of the Gunnison annular complex, SW Colorado  . -Journal of Structural Geology, Volume 23, Issues 6-7, Elsevier; Pages 1141-1150
[Journal of Structural Geology - índex]

LANIER, G., RAAB, W.J., FOLSOM, R.B. & CONE, S. (1978):  Alteration of Equigranular Monzonite, Bingham Mining District, Utah.   Economic Geology Vol. 73 p.1270-86 6 Abb. 7 Taf.
EEUU ,Utah depósitos Alteración, petrografía, geoquímica, dique - perfill, valores
[Economic Geology: Listado de los tomos]

LISLE, RICHARD J. Paleostress analysis from sheared dike sets Geological Society of America Bulletin 1989 101: 968-972
[GSA Bulletin - índex]

Mónica G. López de Luchi and Augusto E. Rapalini (2002): Middle Jurassic dyke swarms in the North Patagonian Massif: the Lonco Trapial Formation in the Sierra de Mamil Choique, Río Negro province, Argentina, Journal of South American Earth Sciences; Volume 15, Issue 6. Pages 625-641
[Journal of South American Earth Sciences - índex]

Catherine Mériaux, John R. Lister, Vladimir Lyakhovsky and Amotz Agnon (1999): Dyke propagation with distributed damage of the host rock . - Earth and Planetary Science Letters; Volume 165, Issue 2,  Pages 177-185
[Earth and Planetary Science Letters: Índex]

MOHR, P.A. (1987): Crustal contamination in mafic sheets: A summary.  In: Mafic dyke swarms (HALLS, H.C & FAHRIG, W.F eds.).- Geological Association of Canada, Special Paper Bd. 34 p.75-80  Ontario. dique, génesis,geoquímica,contaminación

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PARKER, A.J., RICKWOOD, P.C. & TUCHER, D.H. (1990):  Mafic Dykes and Emplacement Mechanics.  Balkema, Rótterdam
general , dique, mafisch génesis, Emplacement

PICHOWIAK, S. & BREITKREUZ, Ch. (1984):  Volcanic dykes in the north Chilean Coast Range. Geol. Rundsch., 73:853-868, Stuttgart
[Geologische Rundschau / International Journal of Earth Sciences: Listado de volúmenes]

V. Pinel and C. Jaupart (2004): Magma storage and horizontal dyke injection beneath a volcanic edifice  . - Earth and Planetary Science Letters; Volume 221, Issue 1-4, Pages 245-262.
[Earth and Planetary Science Letters: Índex]

Michael P. Poland , Jonathan H. Fink and Lisa Tauxe (2004): Patterns of magma flow in segmented silicic dikes at Summer Coon volcano, Colorado: AMS and thin section analysis  . - Earth and Planetary Science Letters; Volume 219, Issue 1-2,    Pages 155-169
[Earth and Planetary Science Letters: Índex]

POLLARD, D.D (1987):  Element fracture mechanics applied to the structural interpretations of Dykes.  In: Mafic dyke swarms (HALLS, H.C & FAHRIG, W.F eds.).- Geological Association of Canada, Special Paper Bd. 34 45413  Ontario  
dique, Bruch, Fracture, tektonik, génesis

H. M. Prichard, D. Hutchinson, and P. C. Fisher (2004): Petrology and Crystallisation History of Multiphase Sulfide Droplets in a Mafic Dike from Uruguay: Implications for the Origin of Cu-Ni-PGE-Sulfide Deposits. - Economic Geology and the Bulletin of the Society of Economic Geologists Volume 99 March-April 2004, pp. 365-376
 [Economic Geology: Listado de los tomos]

T. Radhakrishna and M. Joseph (1998): Geochemistry and petrogenesis of the Proterozoic dykes in Tamil nadu, southern India: another example of the Archaean lithospheric mantle source. - Geologische Rundschau (International Journal of Earth Sciences); Vol. 87;  No. 3; pp. 268 - 282
India, general diques diques, geoquímica, petrogarfía, proterozoico  
[Geologische Rundschau / International Journal of Earth Sciences: Listado de volúmenes]

Richards et al. (2002) The importance of diffusion, advection, and host-rock lithology on vein formation: A stable isotope study from the Paleozoic Ouachita orogenic belt, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Ian J. Richards, Jeffrey B. Connelly, Robert T. Gregory and David R. Gray, Geological Society of America Bulletin Volume 114, Number 11, November 2002 pages 1343–1355.
[GSA Bulletin - índex]

ROSS, M.E. & HEIMLICH, R.A. (1972):  Petrology of Precambrian Mafic Dikes from the Bald Mountain Area, Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming.-   Geol. Soc. of America Bulletin Vol.83 p1117-1124 5 fig., 1 Tab. Boulder, Colorado.
USA, Wyoming, Bighorn diques dique, petrografía, geoquímica Precambrico
[GSA Bulletin - índex]

SANCHEZ-NAVAS, A. & GALINDO-ZALDIVAR, J. (1993):  Alteration and deformation microstructures of biotite from plagioclase-rich dykes (Ronda Massif, S. Spain).-   European Jouranal. of Mineral. vol. 5 p. 245-256 10.
España diques diques, dykes, alteración, deformación, biotita

SCHLEICHER, H. (1976): Petrographie und Geochemie der Granitporphyre des Schwarzwaldes.-   Dissertation der Geow. Fak. der A.L. Universitaet Freiburg i.Br. 1976 p. 165  Freiburg i. Br. Europa, Alemania,Schwarzwald,
general diques dique, petrografía,geoquímica,rocas volcánicas,porphyre,magmáticas paleozoico

SINGH, K.N. (1987):  The petrological variations and the governing temperature of the lamprophyres in parts of Jharia Coalfield, District Dhanbad Bihar.-   Geol. Survey India  p.p39-401 15 Abb.,   2 Tab.
Lucknow, India Asien, Indien, Dhanbad  Lamprophyre, dique, petrografía, Temperatur

SKARMETA, J.J (1991): Evolucion de cuencas de Trasarco en el norte de Chile: Un Analisis basado en el Emplazamiento de diques y filones.-   Congreso Geologico Chileno 1991 p.649-653  Santiago.
Chile-norte, Atacama, Andes diques dique , tectónica

SKARMETA, J.M. (1986):  Algunas consideraciones acerca del diaclasamiento, en las rocas de caja, asociado a intrusion de diques: ejemples del Norte de Chile.-   Revista Geologica de Chile Vol.28, 29 p.17-31  Santiago.
General, Chile - norte, Atacama diques dique, Regional, magmáticas, fracturamientos, roca de caja
 [Andean Geology - Revista Geológica de Chile - contenidos]

SKARMETA, J. (1993):  Mecanismos de emplazamiento, deformación y transición de diques a filones manto en sedimentos jurásicos y cretácicos del norte de chile.-   Revista geológica de Chile Vol. 20 207-227 10 fig., 2 tab.
Chile, norte diques diques, filones, mantos,  emplazamiento
 [Andean Geology - Revista Geológica de Chile - contenidos]

SMITH, R.P. (1987):  Dyke emplacement at Spanish Peaks, Colorado  In: Mafic dyke swarms (HALLS, H.C & FAHRIG, W.F eds.).- Geological Association of Canada Bd. 34 p.47-44  Ontario .
Colorado, USA, Spanish Peaks  dique, génesis, emplazamiento, enfriamiento, Bruch, tectónica, diques limites

SNYDER, D., CRAMBES, CHR., TAIT, S. & WIEBE, R. (1997):  Magma mingling in Dikes and Sills.-   The Journal of Geology vol. 105 75-86 9 University of  Chicago .
EEUU, Maine Diques Diques, sills, magma mezcla
[Journal of Geology - índex]

SPAETH, G. & SCHUELL, P. (1987):  A Survey of Mesocoic Dolerite Dikes from Western Neuschwabenland, Antarctica, and their geotectonic Significance.   Polarforschung Bd. 57 1/2 p.93-113  Bremerhaven
Antarktis, Neuschwabenland  tectónica, dique

STEELE, K.F. & RAGLAND, P.C. (1976):  Model for the Closed-System Fractionation of a Dike Formed by Two Puls es of Dolerite Magma.-   Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology Bd. 57 p. 305-316 5 Abb., 3 Tab. Springer Verlag.
USA, general diques dique, Dolerit, contaminación, petrografía, geoquímica, valores, tablas

Neil S. Summer and Avner Ayalon (1995): Dike intrusion into unconsolidated sandstone and the development of quartzite contact zones  . -Journal of Structural Geology, Volume 17, Issues 7 Elsevier; Pages 997-1010
[Journal of Structural Geology - índex]

TALBOT, C.J. (1970):  The Minimum Strain Ellipsoid Using Deformed Quartz Veins.-   Tectonophysics Vol.9 p.47-76 6 Abb.
Elsevier, Amsterdam.
general diques dique, microtectónica,  tectónica, veta de cuarzo
 [Tectonophysics - índex]

TARNEY, J. & WEAVER, B.L. (1987),: Geochemistry and petrogenesis of early Proterozoic dyke swarms.  In: Mafic dyke swarms (HALLS, H.C & FAHRIG, W.F eds.).- Geological Association of Canada, Special Paper Bd. 34 p.81-94  Ontario 
dique, génesis, geoquímica, petrografía, contaminación, Fraktionierung

TORRES-ROLDAN, R.L., POLI, G. & PECCERILLO, A. (1986):  An Early Miocene arc-tholeiitic magmatic dike event from the Alboran Sea-Evidence for precollisional subduction and back-arc crustal extension in the westernmost Mediterranean.   Geologische Rundschau Bd. 75/1 p.219-234  Stuttgart
Europa, mar mediterraneo diques dique, deriva continental, subducción, geoquímica
 [Geologische Rundschau / International Journal of Earth Sciences: Listado de volúmenes]

TURCOTTE, D.L, EMERMAN, S.H. & SPENCE, D.A. (1987): Mechanics of Dyke injektion.-  In: Mafic dyke swarms (HALLS, H.C & FAHRIG, W.F eds.).- Geological Association of C, Special Canada, Special Paper Bd. 34 p.25-30  Ontario
general  dique, Bruch, Fracture, tektonik, génesis, emplazamiento

WEIGLAND, P.W. & RAGLAND, P.C. (1970):  Geochemistry of Mesozoic dolerite dikes from eastern North America.-   Contr. Mineral Petrol. Bd. 29 p.195-214  Heidelberg . Nordamerika
USA  dique, geoquímica mesozoico
[Contributions to Mineralogy y Petrology - index]

WIMMENAUER, W. (1973):  Lamprophyre, Semilamprophyre und anchibasaltische Ganggesteine.   Fortschr. Miner. Bd. 51/1 p.3-67 12 Abb., 19 Tab. Stuttgart.
general diques Semilamprophyre, diques petrografía, clasificación, petrografía

WINKLER, H. 1947, Zusammenhang zwischen Kristallgrösse und Salbandabstand bei magmatischen Gangintrusionen.-   Heidelbg. Beitr. Miner.Petr. Bd. 1 p.251-268. 
general  petrografía, dique, Salbanda  magmáticas

WOLF, H. (1942):  Die Gesteine und Erzgaenge von Wittichen im mittleren Schwarzwald.-   Neues Jahrbuch Min. Bl. Bd. 77 A p.175-237  
Schwarzwald, Alemania  petrografía, dique

Leslie B. Yale and Scott J. Carpenter (1998): Large igneous provinces and giant dike swarms: proxies for supercontinent cyclicity and mantle convection  . - Earth and Planetary Science Letters; Volume 163, Issue 1-4, Pages 109-122 .
[Earth and Planetary Science Letters: Índex]

ZIMMERLE, W. (1952):  Die Ganggefolgschaft des Malsburgsgranits im suedlichen Schwarzwald.-   C.R. Congr. geol intern. sect.6, fasc.6 Algier .
Europa, Schwarzwald, Alemania  magmáticas, petrografía, dique, diques, granito

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