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Caldera Square, Atacama Region, Chile

Photo: Caldera Square, Atacama Region, Chile. (Foto: W. Griem 2012; (Ca50D13.395) Large photo
Lens: 17-70mm | Focal length: 23mm 37/35mm) | Time: 1:200 | ISO100
F: f/11 | Original size: 4752 x 3168 | Date: 2012/02/28/13:08 hrs.


Information about Caldera:
• Population: 14,000 persons
• Height: 0m - 40m
• Distance from Santiago: 880 km
• distance from Copiapó: 75 km
• UTM: E319.522 / N70.05.127
• Restaurants, hotels, hostels, private accommodation, holiday homes, shops, supermarkets, bus connections, gas stations, museums, discotheques.

• Former railway station: Palaeontological Museum, Cultural Centre
• Casa Tornini: Museum and Cultural Centre
• UDA: Museum and Cultural Center
• Church of Caldera
• Harbour with fish sale
Bahía Inglesa, Puerto Viejo, Panamericana, Rocas Negras, beach of Las Machas, beaches of Atacama
more about Caldera

Caldera Port in the Atacama Region, Chile.

Caldera Port in the Atacama Region, Chile. Large photo

Photo Information: Camera Canon Powershot-A100
Focal length: 5,41mm (=44mm/35mm) | Time: 1:1000
F: f/5.6 | Original size: 1280 x 960 | Date: 2004/02/03/12:55 hrs.

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Port of Caldera:
Caldera was officially founded on 26 November 1849. The port city is located about 65 km from Copiapó in the region of Atacama (3rd Region / Chile). The main activities in Caldera are fishing and tourism. Caldera also exports grapes and copper to the world.
Caldera invites you to a variety of tourist activities. In the immediate vicinity there are very nice, clean beaches - which are only a few minutes away by car. There are restaurants in all price ranges, discotheques, hotels, exhibitions, a complete tourist infrastructure to spend a nice bathing holiday.
Due to the geographic location of Caldera, precipitation is not expected. The desert climate ensures a very long swimming season. Even in winter you can enjoy the sun and the beach on many days.
Caldera has always played an important role in the development of the Atacama region. For example, the first Chilean railway line (third line in South America) started in Caldera. Caldera was an important port of the north, which has left its mark on the city until today.
Caldera has been an important historical place since its foundation. Chile's first railway line started here, an important port of transshipment for the region's silver ore, to name but a few characteristics. Many visitors and scientists of the past centuries described Caldera.
See also:
Treutler in Caldera (1852) H. Burmeister in Caldera (1860)
See: Beaches of Atacama
Treutler describes Caldera (1851); Burmeister en Caldera (1860)

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