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Town square of Copiapo, Chile
Square of Copiapó
The beautiful square of Copiapó invites you for a walk and a coffee.. . .
Restaurants in Copiapó, Hotels, Historical Train station

Museo Regional de Copiapo, Atacama - Chile
Regional Museum
An excellent museum in Copiapó. Invite all the public to its rooms in Casa Matta: Focus on the history of Atacama, mining - visit the impressive library.

Mining Museum in Tierra Amarilla, Atacama Region, Atacama desert - Chile
Mining Museum Tierra Amarilla
Interesting Museum in Tierra Amarilla, about 20 kilometers south-east of Copiapó

The El Transito mine museum in the Atacama desert, Chile
The Transito museum mine near Tierra Amarilla shows in a very didactic way a mining work of the past centuries.

The ruins of the lost village Puquios in the Atacama desert, Chile
The ruins of the Puquios village,
, in the middle of the Atacama desert - remains of a rich mining history. It was a village with 5000 inhabitants and a railway station.

Laguna Santa Rosa en la Region de Atacama - Chile
The Andes Mountains and the Santa Rosa Lake in the Atacama Region, Chile

The Laguna Verde - green lake in the Andes of Atacama, Chile
Laguna Verde
in the Andes Mountains in Atacama. At 4300 meters high the beautiful lagoon with its hot springs is located.

Ojos del Salado, Region de Atacama - Chile
Ojos del Salado
in the Andes Mountains of the Atacama Desert. From a viewpoint of the Camino Internacional, a unique panorama opens up to the highest volcano in the world.

The Pedernales salt flat, Atacama Region, Chile
The Pedernales salt flat
in the nearby El Salvador, Atacama Desert. A unique landscape in the mountain range of some 3400 meters high.


Pan de Azucar Pic
National Park Pan de Azúcar
A coastal sector in the north of the Atacama Region of absolute beauty. There are cabins, camping, restaurants, information room, boat tours, guided excursions.

Coast line and beaches of Atacama, Chile
The beaches in the Atacama Region: Beautiful beaches that invite you to swim and enjoy your holidays.
Virgen - Bahía Inglesa - Cisne

Costa del oceano pazifico en Atacama - Sarco
Pacific Ocean coast
in the south of the Atacama Region. A coast with cliffs and a lot of solitude. A unique landscape.

Museo Mineralogico
Mineralogical Museum

The well known museum in Copiapó, for mineral lovers, in the heart of Copiapó.

Paleontological Park in Caldera, Atacama, Chile
Paleontological Park
in the vicinity of Bahía Inglesa. A site museum where the fossils of a few million years old are exhibited.

Orbicular Granite in the Atacama Region - Chile
A geological caprice: Orbicular granite on the coast near Caldera.

Dunes in the Atacama Desert - Chile
The Dunes
in the Atacama Desert can be seen on the road "camino de los japoneses" or nearby Llano Morado.

Plaza of Vallenar in the Atacama Region, Chile
Plaza of Vallenar
: The beautiful square with church and a pizza restaurant.
Restaurants, Hostels, Hotels . . .

Museo del sitio en Domeyko en Atacama
Open Museum of Domeyko: A small museum at the entrance of Domeyko, to rest a bit.

Las minas de Cha�arcillo en Atacama - Chile
The Chañarcillo mines and the town of Juan Godoy  - a site of Atacama's mining history. With some information panels.

Caldera harbour: Cultural centre inside of the former railway station, paleontological Museum and Museum of the Tornini house.
Restaurants, Hotels, Hostels

Mina San Jose accidente en la Región de Atacama, Chile
Place of the San San José - mine, where an accident occurred in 2010: Currently some monoliths remember the successful rescue of all the miners.

Chañaral en la Region de Atacama, Chile
in the Atacama Region: Some historical buildings, church and a museum invite you to visit.
Restaurants, hostels, shops

Inca de Oro en el desierto de Atacama
Inca de Oro
with Mining Museum and former station - a walk in a mining village in the middle of the Atacama desert. An informative place of the Inca Trail
Basic restaurants, shops

Inca dated smelter in the Atacama desert, Chile
The ruins of the Inca dated Viña del Cerro smelter in the Copiapó River Valley. A complete archaeological installation of a pre-Columbian foundry.

The chimneys of Labrar, Atacama Region - Chile
The Chimneys of the Labrar foundry located south of Freirina

Amolanas Aqueduct, a remnant of mining history in the desert.
Amolanas Aqueduct
, a remnant of mining history in the desert.

Pinte en la Region de Atacama - Chile

Rural village and fossil museum: An interesting site for hiking, picnic and a visit to the paleontological museum.

Prehistoric rock art in the Chañaral Alto Ravine, Atacama Region, Chile
Prehistoric rock art in the Chañaral Alto Ravine
near Inca de Oro: A beautiful oasis in the middle of the desert, invites you to have a picnic.

Distances in the Atacama Region, Chile
Distances in kilometers

Road map of Atacama, Chile
Road maps of Atacama

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Pan-Americana Motorway

from  Copiapó km
Copiapó 0,0
Caldera 75 km
Chañaral 167 km
El Salvador 203 km
Vallenar 145 km
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El Salvador
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Cabañas (Pan de Azúcar)
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  Bahía Inglesa
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Alto del Carmen
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El Transito
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Diego de Almagro
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El Salado
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Inca de Oro
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Museum, Observatory, Camino del Inca

Tierra Amarilla
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Los Loros
Basic stores Mining, Geology and Atacama desert
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