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The beaches, the coastal area of the Atacama Region (Chile)

The coast and beaches of the Atacama Region

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Map of the coast line of Atacama, Chile


The Atacama Region is noted for its large number of beaches and bays that are excellent for summer vacations. Caldera, Bahía Inglesa, Puerto Viejo, Barranquilla and Huasco are the best known places. But there are also a number of lonely, wild beaches with inexpressible solitude. These places invite you to observe the marine or coastal fauna. Especially in the Pan de Azúcar sector (National Park) you can observe sea lions, penguins and a great diversity of birds.
As the Atacama Region is part of the Atacama Desert, the climate is quite pleasant and the sun accompanies us almost all year round. Only in the mornings is known the phenomenon of camanchaca, a dense fog that usually disappears between 10 to 12 hours in the morning.

Start here from Huasco to Pan de Azúcar

The water temperatures on the coast of the Atacama Region in summer are between 17°C and 20°C. Between October and the end of March, perhaps until the whole month of April you can enjoy the warmth and sunshine on the beautiful beaches of the Region. But winter also has some pleasant days for the beach.
Restaurants exist in Chañaral, Caldera, Bahía Inglesa and Huasco. In many small fishing villages, fish are offered in small restaurants that only operate in the summer.

The countless number of beaches along the Atacama coast does not allow for surveillance in all sectors. Some beaches do not have lifeguards etc.


The Coastal Highway of Atacama

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List of places, beaches and coastal areas:
UTM (N) Name Description
71.06.600 Pan de Azúcar National park with tourist infrastructure: cabins, restaurants, tourist information, etc.
70.85.600 Chañaral Coastal city in the Atacama Region, with an industrial-mining history of several centuries.
70.73.200 La Cascada  
70.69.600 Los Médanos Well rocky coastal area
70.61.300 Punta Flamenco  
70.15.300 Granito Orbicular Special geological formation
70.11.300 Ramada  
70.05.000 Caldera Atacama Region Tourist Centre
70.00.600 Bahía Inglesa Tourist center with restaurants, hotels and beaches
69.97.000 Las Machas, Rocas Negras  
69.95.300 Parque Paleontológico Project - Palaeontological Museum
69.88.800 Chorrillos  
69.86.500 Bahía Cisne Beautiful beach without vehicles.
69.82.000 Isla Chata, Juntas de Agua  
69.76.800 Mouth of the Copiapo river  
69.74.800 Puerto Viejo  
69.71.800 Playa La Virgen  
69.56.500 Pampa Cachiyuyal Sunset in the sector near Barranquillas
69.55.000 Barranquilla Formerly one of the most beautiful beaches, unfortunately now a waste dump (see at 2012).
69.55.200 Caleta Barranquilla Fishing harbour, restaurant, fish
69.41.900 Bahía El Salado Wide bay, very beautiful for swimming.
69.35.800 Punta Cachos Peninsula
69.30.600 Caleta Pajonal Picturesque fishing harbour.
69.21.000 Dunas, carretera costa  
69.12.200 Totoral Beautiful village 20 kms inland
69.11.600 Sector Gaviotas  
68.95.300 Qda Higuera  
68.91.700 Carrizal Bajo Coastal village between Vallenar and Caldera
68.75.700 Pta. Molle  
68.49.600 Huasco City located on the coast, Atacama Region
68.10.900 Caleta El Cobre Ruins of a historic port
68.11.000 Costa de Sarco Ruins of a historic port
67.78.300 Carrizalillo (pueblo) Village
67.77.200 Bahía Carrizalillo  
67.62.100 Caleta Punta de Choros  
67.57.500 San José / W.Griem 2013

Beaches of Atacama, Chile

Beach of Cisne (Atacama desert, Chile); W. Griem (2006; K8534)
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