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Plaza of Copiapo, Atacama Region - Chile

Monument of marble that symbolizes the mining of Atacama, installed in the square of Plaza de armas de Copiapo. (Foto Kodak74; W. Griem) - Large Photo

Información Foto: Cámara Kodak DX6490: [100_0077jpg]
Longitud focal: 6,3mm (=38/35mm) | Tiempo: 1:125
F: f/2.8| Tamaño original: 2304 x 1728 | Fecha: 2004/07/2/14:47 hrs.

Copiapó: The Plaza square

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Copiapó, capital of the Atacama region, currently has around 160,000 inhabitants. It is the commercial, educational and cultural center of the 3° Region. In the center you can find several commercial houses, shops, restaurants, hotels, banks and museums.
Copiapó existed as a pre-Spanish village (Copayapu) and had its first economic impulse with the discovery of silver deposits such as Chañarcillo and Tres Puntas.

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Estadísticas de Atacama

The Plaza Prat, former Plaza de Armas, was founded in 1774, the center has a beautiful fountain and a marble statue, which symbolizes the mining of the Atacama Region. It has wide interior avenues and is adorned with statues representing the four seasons of the year. Nowdays, the four statues are currently interpreted as the 5 continents where one was lost in the past.
The large pepper-trees in the square were planted in 1880.

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Plaza de Armas of Copiapo, Atacama Region - Chile

Photo: Plaza of Copiapó at 2009 (W. Griem, 2009; Canon XSi-3656) - Large Photo

Información Foto: Cámara Canon XSi [IMG_3656.jpg]
Lente: 17-70mm | Longitud focal: 17mm (27,9/35mm) | Tiempo: 1:40 | ISO400
F: f/8 | Tamaño original: 4272 x 2848 | Fecha: 2009/07/30/08:40hrs.

Places of interest:
Plaza: Near the plaza is the mineralogical museum, which houses one of the most important mineral collections in South America. It also shows the importance of mining in this region for 200 years. (see here)

The Casa de Cultura (House of culture), located next to the square, holds concerts, exhibitions and has a café to relax and listen to some music. .

Regional Museum: It is located in Atacama Street and shows in a very didactic way the interesting history of this Region: It is necessary to visit it! It's very interesting! (here)

Alameda Cultural Center: In the vicinity of the Alameda between Freire and O ´Higgins is the center of Pubs and the cultural district of Copiapó. In the new cultural centre (Centro cultural) there are offering concerts, excellent halls and auditoriums for classical music.

Railway Station: In Juan Martínez Street, Copiapó's old station operated for a long time. Some large locomotives are presented in front of the building.. (see here)

Plaza de Copiapo, Chile
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