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Geología Histórica

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Geología Histórica

ERIC J. BARRON (1989): Severe storms during Earth history. -Geological Society of America Bulletin; Volume 101, Number 5, pages 601–612
[GSA Bulletin - index]

BRINKMANN (1977): Abriss der Geologie, Historische Geologie.-  400 pág, 70 fig, 21 tab. Enke Verlag.

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[GSA Bulletin - index]

CHANDLER, MARK A., RIND, DAVID, RUEDY, RETO Pangaean climate during the Early Jurassic: GCM simulations and the sedimentary record of paleoclimate Geological Society of America Bulletin 1992 104: 543-559
[GSA Bulletin - index]

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[Journal of Geological Society of London - index]

Henry C. Fricke and James R. O'Neil (1999): The correlation between 18O/16O ratios of meteoric water and surface temperature: its use in investigating terrestrial climate change over geologic time  . - Earth and Planetary Science Letters; Volume 170, Issue 3,  Pages 181-196
[Earth and Planetary Science Letters: Index]

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William B. Gallagher (1991):  Selective extinction and survival across the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary in the northern Atlantic Coastal Plain.- Geology, Volume 19, Number 10, pages 967–970.
[Geology - index]

Satish C. Gupta , Thomas J. Ahrens and Wenbo Yang Shock-induced vaporization of anhydrite and global cooling from the K/T impact  . - Earth and Planetary Science Letters; Volume 188, Issue 3-4, Pages 399-412
 [Earth and Planetary Science Letters: Index

W. B. Harland (1981): Chronology of Earth’s glacial and tectonic record. - Journal of the Geological Society (1981) Vol. 138 (2): p.197–203.
[Journal of Geological Society of London - índex]

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[Geology - index]

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 [Earth and Planetary Science Letters: Index]

KELLER, G., BARRERA, E., SCHMITZ, B., MATTSON, E. (1993): Gradual mass extinction, species survivorship, and long-term environmental changes across the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary in high latitudes Geological Society of America Bulletin 1993 105: 979-997
[GSA Bulletin - index]

GERTA KELLER (1989): Extended period of extinctions across the Cretaceous /Tertiary boundary in planktonic foraminifera of continental-shelf sections: Implications for impact and volcanism theories. - Geological Society of America Bulletin, Volume 101, Number 11, , pages 1408–1419
[GSA Bulletin - index]

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 [Earth and Planetary Science Letters: Index]

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[Volúmenes de Nature]

Stephen J. Mojzsis and T. Mark Harrison (2002): Establishment of a 3.83-Ga magmatic age for the Akilia tonalite (southern West Greenland)  . - Earth and Planetary Science Letters; Volume 202, Issue 3-4, Pages 563-576 .
 [Earth and Planetary Science Letters: Index]

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[Volúmenes de Nature]

Takashi Murakami , Satoshi Utsunomiya , Yoji Imazu and Nirankar Prasad (2001): Direct evidence of late Archean to early Proterozoic anoxic atmosphere from a product of 2.5 Ga old weathering  . - Earth and Planetary Science Letters; Volume 184, Issue 2,  Pages 523-528
 [Earth and Planetary Science Letters: Index]

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Piper, J. D. A. (1974): Proterozoic Crustal Distribution, Mobile Belts and Apparent Polar Movement. - Nature, 251,381-384.   Piper, J. D. A. (1975): Proterozoic Supercontinent: Time Duration and the Grenville Problem. - Nature, 256,519-520
[Volúmenes de Nature]

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[Geology - index]

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[Geology - index]

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SCOTT, M. (online):  Timeline.-   Internet: general historia historia de geología como ciencia  

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[Geology - index]

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STANLEY, S. (1994): Historische Geologie.- 632 pág., Spektrum Akademischer Verlag, Heidelberg, Berlin Oxford  

STEEL, R.J. (1974):  New Red Sandstone Floodplain and Piedmont Sedimentation in the Hebridian Province, Scotland.   Journ. of Sed. Petr. Vol. 44 p.336-357 19 Abb. .
general, Europa, Schottland  sedimentología, Sandstein, Floodplain, Braided River, clástica triásico, pérmico  

STIPANICIC, P.N. (1983):  The Triassic of Argentina and Chile.-  In: The Phanerozoic Geology of the world, II, the Mesozoic

B, MOULLADE & NAIRN (Ed).   p.181-201  Elsvier, Amsterdam,Oxford, New York .
Argentinien, Chile, Andes  Estratigrafía,Trias, Jura, paleontología Trias, jurásico  

Eiichi Tajika (1998): Climate change during the last 150 million years: reconstruction from a carbon cycle model  . - Earth and Planetary Science Letters; Volume 160, Issue 3-4, Pages 695-707
[Earth and Planetary Science Letters: Index]

Tarney, J., Dalziel, I. & De Wit, M. (1976): Marginal Basin „Rocas Verdes" Complex from S. Chile: a Model for Archaean Greenstone Belt Formation. - In Windley, B. F. (Hrsg.), The Early History of the Earth, 131-146, Wiley, London.  

Varios: (1981): Die Entwicklungsgeschichte der Erde (1981), 703 pág.; VEB Brockhaus.  

VEEVERS, J.J., WALTER, M.R. & SCHEIBNER, E. (1997):  Neoproterozoic Tectonics of Australia-Antarctica and Laurentia and the 560 Ma birth of the Pacific Ocean reflect the 400 m.y. Pangean Supercycle.-   The Journal of Geology vol. 105 225-242 4 University of  Chicago.
general deriva continental deriva continental, geología histórica, Pangea, movimiento de continentes paleozoico  

Watson, J. V. (1976): Mineralization in Archaean Provinces. - In Windley, B. F. (Hrsg.), The Early History of the Earth, 443-453, Wiley, London.     

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