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Depósitos vetiformes y vetas

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Citas en geología y geociencias: Depósitos vetiformes y vetas

Depósitos vetiformes y vetas

M. N. C. Araújo, F. C. Alves da Silva, E. F. Jardim de Sá and R. J. Holcombe (2002) Geometry and structural control of gold vein mineralizations in the Seridó Belt, northeastern Brazil, Journal of South American Earth Sciences; Volume 15, Issue 3. Pages 337-348  (online)

BARTOS, P.J. (1987): Mineral zoning and timing of wall-rock alteration relative to Cu-Pb-Zn Ag vein-fill deposition (QUIRUVILCA, PERU).-   Econ. Geol. (USA) Bd.82/6 p.1431 5 Tab. New Haven, Conneticut, Lancaster
Peru, Andes  depósitos minerales, dique, Wallrock, Cu,Pb,Zn,Ag petrografía

Bichan, R. (1969): Origin of Chromite Seams in the Hartley Complex of the Great Dyke, Rhodesia. – In Wilson, H. D. B. (Hrsg.), Magmatic Ore Deposits, Econ. Geol. Monograph 4, 95-113.

BOWEN, R. & GUNATILAKA, A. (1977): Copper it's Geology and Economics.-   Applied Science Publishers LTD, London  366 p. 78 Fig. London (1977) general  cobre, Cu, depósitos minerales, vetiformes, Porphyry Copper

BRIMHALL, G.H., Jr. (1979): Lithologic determination of mass transfer mechanisms of multiple stage porphyry copper mineralization at Butte Montana: Vein formation by hypogene leaching and enrichment of potassium-silicate protore.   Economic Geology Vol.56 p.556-589 16 Abb.
Butte, Montana, USA  vetas, Porphyry, Alteración, cobre, Cu, geoquímica, depósitos minerales

CAMUS, F., BORIC, R., SKEWES, M., CASTELLI, J.,REICHHARD,E.& MESTRE, A. (1991): Geologic, Structural, and Fluid Inclusions Studies of  El Bronce Epithermal Vein Systems, Petorca, Central Chile.   Economic Geology Vol. 86 p1317-1345 20 Abb., 4 Tab.
Andes,Chile-norte, El Bronce, 5.Region, Petorca yacimiento dique, vetas , inclusiones fluidas, epitermal, geocronología, tectónica

CANDIOTTI, H., NOBLE, D. & McKEE, E. 1990, Geologic Setting and Epithermal Silver Veins of the Arcata District, Southern Peru.   Economic Geology Vol. 85 p1473-1490 
Peru, Andes, Arcata District  vetas, geoquímica, depósitos minerales, plata, Pb,Cu

CARSWELL, D.A., CURTIS, C.D. ,KANARIS-SOTIRIOU, R. 1968, Vein metasomatism in peridotite at Kalskaret, near Tafjord. South Norway.   Contrib. Min. Petr. Bd.19 p.97-124  
Noruega, Europa  vetas, metasomatosis, peridotito

D. Craw and J. R. Campbell (2004): Tectonic and structural setting for active mesothermal gold vein systems, Southern Alps, New Zealand  . -Journal of Structural Geology, Volume 26, Issues 6-7, Elsevier;  Pages 995-1005 Abstract

DÍAZ, A., LLEDO, H., ESPEJO, C. & FONSECA, E. (2000):  Presencia de celentina en depósitos vetiformes paleogenos, de la precordillera de Copiapó, III. Región, Chile.-   IX Congreso Geológico Chileno (Puerto Varas) Vol. 1 198-200 1 Sociedad geológica de Chile. Chile, Atacama, Carrizalillo, Lomas Bayas regional regional, minerales, Celestina, baritina

FERGUSON,H.G. & GANNET, R.W. (1932): Gold-quartz veins of the Alleghany district, California.-   U.S. Geol. Survey Prof. Paper Bd. 172 p.139 p.  
California, América  vetas, depósitos minerales, oro, Au

Robert J. Fleck, Robert E. Criss, Gail F. Eaton, Rodney W. Cleland, Craig S. Wavra, and William D. Bond (200): Age and Origin of Base and Precious Metal Veins of the Coeur D’Alene Mining District, Idaho . - ECONOMIC GEOLOGY; Volume 97; 2002 Number 1 pp. 23-42 AbstractEconomic Geology - Índice de Artículo

Fletcher, C. J. N. (1984): Strata-bound, Vein and Breccia-pipe Tungsten Deposits of South Korea. - Trans. Instn Min. Metall. (Sect. B: Appl. earth sci), 93, B176-B84.

Damien Gaboury and Réal Daigneault (2000): Flat vein formation in a transitional crustal setting by self-induced fluid pressure equilibrium — an example from the Géant Dormant gold mine, Canada*1  . - Ore Geology Reviews ; Volume 17, Issues 3; Pages 155-178 Abstract  / revista

HATTORI, K. & HITOSHI, S. (1979): D/H Ratios, Origins, and Evolution of the Ore-Forming Fluids for the Neogene Veins and Kuroko Deposits of Japan.   Economic Geology Vol.74 p.535-555.
Asien, Japón, Kuroko  dique, isótopos estables, isótoposgeoquimica, D/H, Au, Ag

Simon J. Haynes (1993): Vein-type ore deposits: Introduction  . - Ore Geology Reviews ; Volume 8, Issues 3-4;  Pages 205-211 Abstract / revista

KANARIS-SOTIRIOU, GIBB, F.G.F., CARSWELL, D.A. & CURTIS, C.D. (1978):  Trace Element Distribution and Ore Formation in Vein-Metasomatised Peridotite at Kalkaret, Near Tafjord, South Norway.   Contrib. Min. Petrol. Bd. 67 p.289-295 2 Abb., 2Taf. Springer Verlag.
Europa, Norwegen geoquímica

Jacobsen, J. B. E. & McCarthy, T. S. (1976): The Copper-bearing Breccia Pipes of the Messina District, South Africa. - Mineralium Deposita, 11, 33-45.

Michel Jébrak (1997): Hydrothermal breccias in vein-type ore deposits: A review of mechanisms, morphology and size distribution . - Ore Geology Reviews ; Volume 12, Issues 3;  Pages 111-134 Abstract / revista

D. J. Kontak, K. Kyser, A. Gize, and D. Marshall (2006): Structurally Controlled Vein Barite Mineralization in the Maritimes Basin of Eastern Canada: Geologic Setting, Stable Isotopes, and Fluid Inclusions. - Economic Geology and the Bulletin of the Society of Economic Geologists Volume 101  (2006) Number 2; pp. 407-430 Abstract

LEXA, J., KODERA, P., PRCUCH, M. VESELY, M. & SÁLY, J (1999):  Multiple Stages of Mineralization at the Rozália Mine, Hodrusa.-   Epithermal Mineralization of the western Carpathians; Society of Economic Geologists; Guidebook Series Vol. 31 229-273  Society of Economic Geologists Tommy B. Thompson Carpathian, Slovakia.
Yacimiento depósito, yacimiento, veta, epitermal, Cobre, Cu,  Oro, Au, vetiforme, wallrock

LEXA, J. & BARTALSKÝ, B. (1999):  Low-Sulfidation Gold Deposit at Kremnica.-   Epithermal Mineralization of the western Carpathians; Society of Economic Geologists; Guidebook Series Vol. 31 265-274  Society of Economic Geologists Tommy B. Thompson Carpathians, Kremnika, Slovakia Yacimiento.
Yacimiento, Depósito, Oro, Au, Ag, vetiforme, epithermal, falla, tectónica, mineralización, low sulfidation 12 m.a.; terciario

LOVE, D.A. (1990) Structure Controls on veins of the Mount Skukum Gold deposit, South western Yukon.   Geol. Surv. Canada Bd.90/1E p.337-342  12 Abb. Kingston.
Amerika, Yukon  dique, tectónica, Control Tectónico , oro, Au

MIYAZAWA, T. (1967):  Lowest Limit and Depth of Formation of Hydrothermal Veins.  In: POUBA & STEMPROK (Ed.): Problems of Hydrothermal Ore Deposition. Schweizerbart'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung  p.204-208  Stuttgart.
general diques vetas, dique, hidrotermal, Temperatura, génesis

Neuenschwander, Carlos & Tavera, Juan (1942): Yacimientos de Plomo y Neocomiano de "Las Cañas" en el Departamento Vallenar.  - Anales del primer Congreso Panamericano de Ing. en Minas y Geología; Geología II Parte - Tomo tercero; p. 1110 - 1125; Santiago de Chile.
Las Cañas, Vallenar; Brecha hidrotermal, vetas, control falla, fósiles

PASSCHIER, C.W. (1990):  Reconstruction of deformation and flow parameters from deformed vein sets.-   Tectonophysics Bd. 180 p.185-199 9 Abb., 1 Tab. Elsvier Science Publ., Amsterdam . general tectónica tectónica , Deformación, génesis, Strain, vetas , Mohr, dique

Stephen G. Peters (1993): Formation of oreshoots in mesothermal gold-quartz vein deposits: examples from Queensland, Australia . - Ore Geology Reviews ; Volume 8, Issues 3-4; Pages 277-301 Abstract / revista

Stephen G. Peters (1993): Nomenclature, concepts and classification of oreshoots in vein deposits . - Ore Geology Reviews ; Volume 8, Issues 1-2;    Pages 3-22 Abstract / revista

READ, J. & MEINERT, D. (1986):  Gold-Bearing Quartz Vein Mineralization at the Big Hurrah Mine, Seward Peninsula, Alaska   Economic Geology Vol. 81 p.1760-74  New Haven, Conneticut, Lancaster.
USA, Alaska, Seward Peninsula inclusiones fluidas dique, edades, cronología , Ag, Au , inclusiones fluidas

Michael W. Ressel, Donald C. Noble, Christopher D. Henry, and Wayne S. Trudel (2000): Dike-Hosted Ores of the Beast Deposit and the Importance of Eocene Magmatism in Gold Mineralization of the Carlin Trend, Nevada . - ECONOMIC GEOLOGY; Volume 95; 2000 Number 7; pp. 1417-1444 Abstract / Economic Geology - Índice de Artículos

ROBERT, F. & BROWN, A.C. (1986):  Archean gold-bearing quartz veins at the Sigma mine, Abitibi greenstone belt, Quebec, Part II: Vein paragenesis and hydrothermal alteration.   Economic Geology Vol.81 p.595-616   Quebec,Kanada.
dique, hidrotermal, Alteración, geoquímica, petrografía

ROSE, A.W. & BURT, D.M. (1979): Hydrothermal Alteration.  In: BARNES, H.L. (ed.) Geochemistry of Hydrothermal Ore Deposits.   p.173-235  Wiley, New York, Chichester, Brisbane, Toronto.
general Depósitos tipos de alteración, hidrotermal, vetas, geoquímica, geoquímica, factores

SCHEPS, V., KEYSSNER, S., SÄNGER von OEPEN, P. & FRIEDRICH, G. (1986): Gangfoermige Barytvorkommen oestlich von Stolberg, Nordeifel.  In: Geochemie und Vererzung im Rheinischen Schiefergebirge Fortschr. Geol. Rheinland und Westfalen Bd. 34 p.207-219 7 Abb., 2 Tab. Geologisches Landesamt NRW, Krefeld.
Europa, Alemania, NRW, Rheinisches Schiefergebirge, Nordeifel  Oberflächen geoquímica, Boden, dique, Baryt, mercurio, Hg

SCHREIBER, D.W. (1989):  Zur Genese von Goldquarzgaengen der Pataz-Region im Rahmen der geologischen Entwicklung der Ostkordillere Nordperus.   Heidelberger Geowissenschaftliche Abhandlungen Band 29 p.235 p. 54 Abb., 77 Tab. Heidelberg.
Andes, América de sur, Peru  vetas, oro, vetas de cuarzo, geoquímica, petrografía,rocas volcánicas, magmatísmo

Schwarze, Antonio (1942): Reglas locales para las vetas de Oro de los distritos Mineros Abastecedores de las plantas "Domeyko" y "Carrizalillo" de la caja de credito Minera. - Anales del primer Congreso Panamericano de Ing. en Minas y Geología; Geología II Parte - Tomo tercero; p. 1110 - 1125; Santiago de Chile.
Vetas y su simetría - zonación; Ejemplos de Atacama

R. H. Sibson and J. Scott (1998): Stress/fault controls on the containment and release of overpressured fluids: Examples from gold-quartz vein systems in Juneau, Alaska; Victoria, Australia and Otago, New Zealand . - Ore Geology Reviews ; Volume 13, Issues 1-5;  Pages 293-306 Abstract / revista  

Kurt Stüwe (1998) Tectonic constraints on the timing relationships of metamorphism, fluid production and gold-bearing quartz vein emplacement . - Ore Geology Reviews ; Volume 13, Issues 1-5;  Pages 219-228 Abstract / revista

THOMPSON, T., TRIPPEL, A. & DWELLEY, P. (1985):  Mineralizated Veins and Breccias of the Cripple Creek District, Colorado   Economic Geology, Vol. 80 p.1669-88  New Haven Conneticut, Lancaster USA, Colorado depósitos dique, oro, mena , hidrotermal, Breccias, vetas Au

WOOD, P.C, BURROS, D.R., THOMAS, A.V. & SPOONER, E.T.C. (1986):  The Hollinger McIntyre Au-Quartz vein system Timins, Ontario Canada: Geologic charact., fluid properties and light stable Isotopes.  In: MC DONALD (Ed.), Proc. of Gold '86 an Inern. Symp. of the Geol. of Gold.   p.56-80. Toronto Kanada,Ontario  dique, hidrotermal,depósitos minerales,isótopos estables

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