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Depósitos estratiformes y estratiligados

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Depósitos estratiformes y estratiligados

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Depósitos estratiformes y estratiligados 

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Andes, Chile depósitos depósitos  minerales, estratiforme
[Stratabound ore Deposits]

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[Volúmenes de Ore Geology Reviews]

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[Stratabound ore Deposits]

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[Stratabound ore Deposits]

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GLUESCHKE, W. (1970): Schichtgebundene Kupfer-Lagerstaetten suedlich Cabildo, Mittelchile, und ihre Entstehung.   Dissertation Universidad Muenchen    München. chile central,   depósitos minerales, cobre, Cu, Cu, estratiforme

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 [Economic Geology: Listado de los tomos]

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 [Economic Geology: Listado de los tomos]

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Europa, Poland, Kupferschiefer Depósitos Depósitos, Yacimiento, Cobre, Cu

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Chile-norte, Andes  depósitos minerales, súlfuros, cobre, Cu, Cu, Rhyolite

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Chile, Antofagasta, Michilla Yacimiento Yacimiento, Cobre, Cu

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PINCHEIRA, M. (1988):  Stratabound Fe-Mn Deposits in the lower cretaceous sequence of the La Negra-Coquimbana District, Region Atacama, Chile.-  11. Lateinamerika-kolloquium, Hannover, 1988   109-110  
chile, Atacama, costa, La Negra yacimiento regional, depósitos, fierro, hierro, Fe

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Chile, Andes, Andacollo, La Serena, 4.Region yacimiento oro, depósitos minerales, Porphyry Copper, Alteración, geoquímica, Au, Stratigraph cretácico

RUIZ, C., AGUILAR,A., EGERT, ESPINOSA, PEEBLES, QU, (1971):  Yacimientos chilenos estratiformes de sulfuros de cobre.   Minerales Bd. 26 p.3-11  Santiago
Chile, Andes  depósitos minerales, cobre

Russell, M. J. (1983): Major Sediment-hosted Exhalative Zinc and Lead Deposits: Formation from Hydrothermal Convection Cells That Deepen During Crustal Extension. - In Sangster, D. F. (Hrsg.), Short Course in Sediment-hosted Stratiform Lead-zinc Deposit, 251-282, Mineral. Assoc. Canada,

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Varentsov, I. M. (1964): Sedimentary Manganese Ores. - Elsevier, Amsterdam.

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