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The Andean chain in Atacama, Chile

Laguna Verde ("green lake")

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Laguna Verde - the green lake, Atacama desert, Chile

Photo of the Laguna Verde at 4328m altitude - Atacama Region, Chile. (W. Griem, 1989/1990): It should be remembered that in 1989 the trip to this sector was a real adventure. De Copiapó easily traveled two days. Large photo

Information Photo:
Camera Ricoh KR-10x | Longitud focal: s/i +pol.| Tiempo: s/i
Tamaño original: 35mm | Fecha: 1990

The Andean chain: Laguna Verde

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At the foot of the high cordillera is the beautiful Laguna Verde. On quiet days, the peaks of the mountains, which are over 6000 m high, are reflected in the green-blue water. A hot water source provides pleasant water temperatures in a limited area.
The Laguna Verde is 4200 m above sea level. Therefore, all precautions against altitude sickness should be taken into account.

The lake serves as a base station for high-mountain tours especially to the Ojos del Salado.


Location Data:
UTM: E551.308 / N70.25.935
Elevation: 4350m
Distancia to Copiapó (cam. Inter.): 256 km



The whole area around Laguna Verde has an elevation of more than 4200 meters. You have to move carefully, if the body hasn't yet adapted to this height.
This sector is used to initiate several excursions to the mountain range, especially to Ojos del Salado (only for people in physical conditions able to withstand the lack of oxygen).

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The same photo large scale: 1990
Photo of the year 2009. Large scale (P7723)

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Intro Camino Internacional
Chulo (km 24,3)
Puquios(km 57,5)
Empalme La Puerta (km 75,0)
El Salto (km 80,4)
San Andrés (km 90)
Majada Andrés (km 96,6)
Azufrera (km 141,9)
Port. Codocedo (km 150,1)
Maricunga salt flat (km 167,5)
Río Lama (km 198,5)
Cascada Río Lama (km 199,5)
Llano Piedra Pómez
Barrancas Blancas (km 240,0)
Ex. Hostal Muray
Ojos del Salado (km 244,2)
Laguna Verde (km 256,6)
Paso San Francisco (km 276,9

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Laguna Verde en Atacama - Chile

Photo of Laguna Verde in the vicinity of Paso San Francisco, which joins Atacama with Argentina. (W. Griem 2010 Ca50D-3289; - Large photo

Información Foto:
Cámara Canon 50D | Lente:20mm +pol.| Longitud focal: 20mm | Tiempo: 1:320 | ISO100
F: f/5,6 | Tamaño original: 4752 x 3168 | Fecha: 2010/09/16/13:59hrs.

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