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The Andes Mountains in the Atacama Region

The Andes of Atacama (2)

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Atacama: The Andes Mountain Range, Mount Potro

Photo: The Andes Mountains of Atacama in the vicinity of La Semilla: Cerro Potro.
(W. Griem 2011; Ca50D7543) - Large Photo

Information Photo:
Camera Canon 50D | Lens:18-200mm | Focal length: 110mm | Shutter speed: 1:500 | ISO100
F: f/11 | Original size: 4752 x 3168 | Date: 2011/07/13/14:02hrs.

Andes Mountains in the Atacama Region, Chile

Photo: Penitents in the Atacama mountain range 5000 meters high - Pircas Negras - Casale fence. W. Griem (2010: CaXSi9554): en grande

Information Photo:
Camera Canon XSi | Lens: 20mm +pol | Focal length: 20mm | Shutter speed: 1:160 | ISO100
F: f/8 | Original size: 4272 x 2848 | Date: 2010/02/03/14:58hrs.

List of peaks over 6000 m elevation in Atacama
Name UTM High comments
Nevados Ojos del Salado 7002/546 6893 Highest mountain, highest volcano in the world.
Nevado Tres Cruces 7003/522 6748 Large massif very unknown
Nevado Tres Cruces 7006/522 6629 North peak of Tres Cruces
Nevado del Incahuasi 7010/570 6621 West of the Fraile mountain
Sin nombre / sur del ODS 6994/542 6510 unnamed
Co. El Muerto 7008/551 6488 West of Fraile peak
Co. de Los Patos o Tres Quebradas 6981/519 6239 Border to Argentina
Cerro Solo 7002/528 6205 West of ODS
Co. Del Toro 6778/423 6188 Cajón del Encierro
El Muerto, satélite 7006/551 6148 Nearby border to Argentina
Co. Ermitaño 7038/540 6146 isolated, north on the way to Lag. Verde
Sierra Nevada 7070/541 6127 Border to Argentina
Sin Nombre / cerca Fraile 7000/552 6120 South of Co. El Muerto
Co's. Barranca Blancas 7015/533 6119 South of road to Lag. Verde
Co. Colorado (Cumbre Negro) 7105/562 6080 Border to Argentina
Cerros Vicuñas 7011/539 6067 isolated, N' of ODS
Co. El Fraile 7009/561 6061 West to Incahuasi
Co. Azufre o Vo. Copiapó 6980/487 6052 isolated, N' of Lag. Neg. Fran.
Macizo Tres Cruces s/n 7009/518 6030 isolated / the most N' del MTC.
Peña Blanca 7035/536 6030 isolated, N' road to Lag. Verde
Co. San Francisco 7025/573 6018 S' paso San Francisco
Sierra Nevada (satelite) 7072/541 6013 Port. S. Nevada

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In the Atacama Region, there are 22 peaks with a height of more than 6000 meters. (This number is variable according to the count mode. It is not always clear where a new mountain begins)

The highest peaks in the Atacama Region are the Ojos del Salado with 6893 m above sea level, followed by the Tres Cruces with 6748 m, Macizo Tres Cruces (6629 m) and Incahuasi with 6621 m. In addition, the Nevado el Muerto (6488 m), Cerro del Toro (6168 m), Cerro Colorado (6080 m).

Interesting are the isolated mountains that are not part of the border chain: especially Co. Azufre or Copiapó with its 6052 meters, the Co. Ermitano with its 6146 meters, the hills of Barrancas Blancas with 6119 meters, Co. Vicuñas (6067m) and Peña Blanca (6030m) stand out for this phenomenon. In a generalized way, it can be concluded that towards the south of the region, the main chain's heights are diminished.

For about one hundred years, the main mountain range's real dimensions in the Atacama sector have been known. Until the 1870s, there was only a little geographical information. Of course, the excellent work of Philippi, Bertrand and Burmeister was the first seed in the discovery of the mountain ranges. But it is also worth mentioning that there were always roads between Argentina and Chile that crossed the Atacama sector's mountain ranges. Burmeister describes the use of three passes, especially by muleteers with their cattle and traders.

Photo information:
During melting snow forms strange figures. The wind and the direction of the sun make some parts more affected than others. A labyrinth of sloping ice pillars remains.. 

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