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Cemetery in the Atacama desert

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Cemetery in the Atacama desert: The graveyard of the silver mines of Lomas Bayas in the Atacama desert, Chile

Photo: Cemetery of Lomas Bayas with the pre-cordillera and the Andes mountain range of the Atacama Region, Chile. Possibly the cemetery with the widest panoramic view of the world. Lomas Bayas was a mining sector with a long history. Today, all mines closed - deep silver mines are no longer profitable.
(Kodak14135; W. Griem 2007)

Location: Lomas Bayas is located about 70 km from Copiapo.
Petrol: In Copiapo (70 km) or Tierra Amarilla (55 km)
Road condition: Relatively well gravelled or salted; better with PickUp, SUV or Jeep.
Worth seeing: Abandoned mining village (silver), desert landscape.
UTM: E400.187 / N69.27.426 - Height: 2025 m.

Information Photo: Kodak Camera DX6490
Focal length: 10,7mm (=64/35mm) | Time: 1:350
F: f/8 | Original size: 2304 x 1728 | Date: 2007/07/26/14:29 hrs.

Map of Lomas Bayas in the Atacama desert


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