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Charles Darwin in Atacama

Charles Darwin, one of the most important scientists of the last centuries visited between 1834 and 1835 Chile. His theory of evolution, his travels and his geological observations mark a great step forward in modern science. Especially the confirmation of the slow geological processes and the existence of "visible" vertical forces mark his stay in the North of Chile.
Charles Darwin travelled through South America in 1834, collecting samples, evidence and information. His visit to the north of Chile (Coquimbo, Freirina and Copiapó) dates from May to July 1834.

Charles Darwin and the Atacama Region
Charles Darwin - Paleontology

Charles Darwin's journey through Atacama: Timeline
Date Place Annotations
21. mayo 1834 Minas Arqueros  
23. mayo 1834 Valle de Coquimbo  
2. Junio 1834 Startin journey to Huasco First day to Yerba Buena (between Honda valley and the Tofo mine, Chungungo)
3. Junio 1834 Yerba Buena to Carrizal Actually near Carrizalillo, Chañaral de Aceituno.
4. Junio 1834 Carrizal to Sauce Near of sector Morado, Labrar and Sauce (Perez)
5. Junio 1834 Sauce a Freirina  
8. Junio 1834 Visita a Vallenar  
10. Junio 1834 Inicio Viaje Vallenar a Copiapó  
11. Junio 1834 Llegada Valle Copiapó  
12.Junio 1834 Estadía en Potrero Seco In the house of Mr. Bingley, Potrero Seco
22. Junio 1834 Llegada a Copiapó  
26.Junio 1834 Excursión valle El Despoblado Arriving Agua Amarga (48 km distance to Copiapo valley)
Punta Gorda (Tambillos)
27. Junio 1834 Barranco de Paipote  
28. Junio 1834 Pass Precordillera  
29. Junio 1834 Point of return  
1. Julio 1834 Return to Copiapó  
4. Julio 1834 Puerto Viejo - W.Griem (2017)


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● Domeyko, I. (1845): Elementos de la Mineralogía. – 382 Seiten, Imprenta del Colegio 1845
● DOMEYKO, I (1876): Ensaye sobre los Depósitos Metalíferos de Chile. 140 pág. Imprenta Nacional Santiago de Chile.

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