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Ruins of Carrera Pinto (1)

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W. Griem, 2014 - 2017
Remains of adobe walls from Carrera Pinto, Atacama Region - Chile.

Photo: Remains of adobe walls from Carrera Pinto, Atacama Region - Chile. - Large Photo Grande  (W. Griem 2002; CaPS318)

Information Photo: Camera Canon Powershot-A100 (103-0318_IMG.JPG)
Longitud focal: 5,41mm (=44mm/35mm) | Tiempo: 1:1000
F: f/5.6 | Tamaño original: 1024 x 768 |  Fecha: 2002/11/01/15:53 hrs.

Carrera Pinto: p.1p.2 Station Airfield

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Carrera Pinto is located between Copiapó and Inca de Oro. The people have been abandoned in recent decades. Until the 90s, one person and one kiosk remained.

Before Carrera Pinto was a very important mining village. Its location between the early Puquios railway (see here) and the Tres Puntas mines ensured considerable passenger and metal traffic. With the construction of the railroad Chulo - Inca de Oro in 1908 (Yunge, 1910) Carrera Pinto was very interesting for its nearby mines and some mineral concentration plants were opened.

Located in the heart of the Varas plain and in the middle of several important historical mining sectors (until the fifties) the ruins are hidden in the infinite dimensions of the plain. But the whole railway station, the plant, the village, an airstrip and on all sides pieces of glass still show the importance of the sector some 70 years ago. Today it's pure desert. Until the last place with people, Finca Santa Maria was abandoned and it is almost time to remain in ruins forever.

*) En Yunge (1910) "Estadística Minera en Chile 1908 y 1909" mention is made of the end of the construction of the route Chulo - Inca de Oro in 1908..

Puquios un pueblo abandonado en Atacama, Chile Llampos camino Copiapo a Inca de Oro Llano de Varas camino a Inca de Oro (Atacama, Chile) Ruinas de la Planta de la mina Dulcinea en Carrera Pinto Dunas Medanoso en Atacama, Chile Copiapo, capital de la Región de Atacama, Chile Quebrada San Miguel, Región de Atacama - Chile Inca de Oro en Atacama Roadmap to Carrera Pinto in the Atacama desert

Informative Chart
Place: Ruins of Carrera Pinto, Atacama Region
Location: UTM: E407.938 / N70.05.443 (Datum prov. SudAm. 1956)
Distance to Copiapó: 61,5 km
Height: 1640m
Atacama Region, Chile
Commune Copiapó, Province of Copiapó
Population: 0
Ruins of the village, Railway station, Mineral treatment plant, Finca Santa María

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Carrera Pinto 1
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Estación FFCC Carrera Pinto
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Distrito Cachiyuyo de Llampos

Llano de Varas (km 70)
Chimberos (Km 84,6)
Inca de Oro (Km 101,7)
Llano San Pedro (km 115)
Diego de Almagro (Km 147,3)

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Estación FFCC Carrera Pinto

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Remains of the plant in Carrera Pinto, Atacama Region, Chile

Photo: Remains of the plant in Carrera Pinto, Atacama Region; Photo W.Griem (2011); Ca50D4697 - Large Photo
Large Photo Grande de 2002 - piscinas de la planta

Information Photo: Camera Canon 50D (IMG_4697JPG)
Lente: 20mm +pol.| Longitud focal: 20mm (32,2/35mm) | Tiempo: 1:160 | ISO100
F: f/7.1 | Tamaño original: 4752 x 3168 | Fecha: 2011/01/09/14:11 hrs.

Camino al Llano de Varas en el desierto de Atacama, Chile Aerodromo de Carrera Pinto en el desierto de Atacama, Chile Mina Rajo de Oro en el desierto de Atacama, Chile Ruinas de Puquios en el desierto de Atacama, Chile Camino a Puquios Map of Carrera Pinto area

• Yunge, G. (1910):
Estadística Minera de Chile 1908 - 1909. - Sociedad Nacional de Minería  Vol.4; Imprenta y Litografía "Universo".

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