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Ruinas de Llampos / Región Atacama, Chile

Photo: Ruins of Llampos, Atacama Region - Chile. (Foto W. Griem 2009; CaXSi908) - Large Photo

Información Foto: Cámara Canon XSi
Lente: 18-55mm | Longitud focal:21mm (=34,4/35mm | Tiempo: 1:100 | ISO100
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The ruins in the creek speak for themselves. The importance of the sector for travellers of the last centuries can be seen. Treutler reports on a refuge and the danger of the sector. Treutler describes in his book "15 Jahre in Südamerika" (page 211) in a very dramatic way a violent assault by a gang of criminals - where a Tres Punta administrator was killed and he (Treutler) is wounded but alive.
(This chapter of Treutler's book is to be classified as fiction - able Treutler heard news of assaults in this sector, but it is not very likely that things happened as he described it).

Today it's all quiet in Llampos. Some lizards and birds give life to the sector. The ruins are clearly recognizable, a reel road in the middle. Some sectors where the soil still shows traces of plantations. As the main road does not cross this sector at present, everything is well preserved.

from Llampos to . . . km
Copiapó 50,0
Inca de Oro 51,7
Diego de Almagro 97,3
Fuel station (Paipote) 41,3

linea 300

Informative Chart
Location: Llampos
Distance to Copiapó: 50 km
Atacama Region, Chile
Commune Copiapó, Province of Copiapó
Population: 0
Mining activity in some districts

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Route Copiapó - Diego
Copiapó (Km 0,0)
Chulo (Km 24,7)
Mirador (Km 34,9)
Llampos (km 50,0)

Ruinas de Llampos (1)
Ruinas de Llampos (2)
Estación Ffcc de Llampos
Distrito minero de Llampos

Carrera Pinto (ruins) (km 61,5)
Llano de Varas (km 70)
Chimberos (Km 84,6)
Inca de Oro (Km 101,7)
Llano San Pedro (km 115)
Diego de Almagro (Km 147,3)

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Estación Ffcc Llampos

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Ruinas de Llampos

Photo: Ruins of Llampos - in the Quebrada under the station, Region of Atacama - Chile. (Foto W. Griem 2009; CaXSi899) - Foto en grande

Information Photo: Camera Canon XSi
Lente: 18-55mm | Longitud focal:18mm (=29,6/35mm | Tiempo: 1:100 | ISO100
F: f/8 | Tamaño original: 4272 x 2848 | Fecha: 2009/06/20/15:44hrs.

TREUTLER, PAUL (1882): Fünfzehn Jahre in Südamerika an de Ufern des Stillen Ozeans. - 3 Bd., 236 Seiten; Weltpostverlag, Leipzig.  (Colección W. Griem). Page of Treutler

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