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Citas en geología y geociencias: Fluvial, río  

Sedimentología : Fluvial (río)

Robert Andrle (1994): Flow structure and development of circular meander pools   . - Geomorphology; Volume 9,  Issues 4 Elsevier;Pages 261-270  (Abstract)

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Rond M. Davies, Suzanne Y. O’Reilly, and William L. Griffin (2002) Multiple Origins of Alluvial Diamonds from New South Wales, Australia. - ECONOMIC GEOLOGY; Volume 97; 2002 Number 1; pp. 109-123 AbstractEconomic Geology - Índice de Artículos

Stølum, Hans-Henrik Planform geometry and dynamics of meandering rivers Geological Society of America Bulletin 1998 110: 1485-1498 [Abstract] Nicola Surian (2002): Downstream variation in grain size along an Alpine river: analysis of controls and processes  . - Geomorphology; Volume 43,  Issues 1-2 Elsevier; Pages 137-149 Abstract

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M. Justin Wilkinson, Larry G. Marshall and John G. Lundberg (2006): River behavior on megafans and potential influences on diversification and distribution of aquatic organisms. - Journal of South American Earth Sciences, Volume 21, Issues 1-2, p.151-172, Elsevier. Abstract

Zbigniew Zwoliski (1992): Sedimentology and geomorphology of overbank flows on meandering river floodplains   . - Geomorphology; Volume 4,  Issues 6 Elsevier; Pages 367-379 Abstract

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